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POF Automation Scripts

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripts' started by stipest, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. stipest

    stipest Affiliate affiliate

    Hi guys, today I want to share with you two small POF automation scripts.
    I know a lot of you use POFpro or Mr. Green's POF Ad Uploader but I am sure that at least to some of you, this script will serve well.

    But let me explain first how to install everything to run these scripts.

    1. You have to add iMacros add-on to your Firefox or any other ff clone.
    You can find iMacros here.

    2. When you download these scripts you have to save them in:
    For Windows: C:/User/{your-username}/Documents/iMacros/Macros folder
    For Mac: /Users/{your-username}/iMacros/Macros folder

    3. Open your firefox and open your iMacros add-on. Select the script and press play:

    Here are the live examples of the script. I've dug up some of my old POF campaigns to demonstrate you performance of these scripts.

    Example of scripts that resubmits all declined ads in a campaign:

    Code: Download link

    You know that feeling when you duplicate campaigns and you need to manually change all the links?
    You don't have to do that any more. Here is the example of the working script:

    Code: Download link

    I really hope that these scripts will be useful for you. I know that they were to me.

    Now if you guys have any other boring repetitive you want to automate you can write in this thread and if it's really simple I can do it for free.
    But if you want a real custom automation let me know and maybe I can create something for you with a discount for affiliate fix members.

    For example if you want script that automatically browser all your active campaigns and resubmits all declined ads, script that cuts non performing ads, optimizes your placements or anything else not related to affiliate marketing, like scraping products from amazon, etsy automation, social media automation and stuff like that.
    Anything you do with your mouse I can create a script that does that instead of you.
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