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Please Help! Newby With Adsense!


New Member
I am terribly brand spanking new to adsense. I really need help. So, I'd like to give you my site and then ask some questions to get some sort of direction. My site is

My questions are the following;
1. What sixe ad should I use?
2. The themes I used are the shadow theme, sea theme, and the open air. I wanted three so they could alternate and keep the interest of my site's visitors. Is this okay for the theme of my bllog?
3. Where on my blog should I place ads?

If you coudl help me, that would be so awesome. I know this has a lot of potential: but, I don't know how this works. Thanks and blessings.

Linda Buquet

Hi Reina,

Your link didn't work for a couple of reasons. Here it is.

I like the look of your blog. It's fresh and clean.

I'm not an Adsense guru by any means, but most people
would ad Adsense to the top or bottom of each entry and in the sidebar.
Ads that blend into your color scheme so they look like part of you content
I hear convert the best.


I cannot see any ads on your site, (the one given by Linda), did you move them?

When it comes to blogs, your best bet is to place ads after the first paragraph. In other words the ads need to be _in_ your post.
Stay away from images unless you have a technical site, (otherwise people know it is an advert and will usually ignore them).

Most blog visitors ignore all the menus on the side and concentrate on the body of the entry.

It is also a good idea to put an add at the end of the entry, if they read the whole blog entry they might what to click on an ad to find out more.



New Member
Wow! Thanks so much for the help. It will definitely do me some good. I can't wait to get the hang of this. Thanks.