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Please help me!

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by maihung, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. maihung

    maihung Affiliate affiliate

    Hi guys, I am just a newbie in affiliate marketing. So i need more and more advice to be successful.
    keep try and try work hard, if the way wrong? or test more and more new thing to find your way? You can't know what success at the future.
    I am just beginning with some money, not much(for hosting and domain). I spend about 12h a day to work. I think i need more time to see the result. Need some your advices :eek:
    Hope you understand me, sorry about my english ;)
  2. AdCombo
  3. hmate9

    hmate9 Affiliate affiliate

    1) You need hosting, so you can always use www.powrhost.com
    2) You need to decide what you want to do.
    Social Netowrking?
    Forum marketing etc.etc.

    Than do a whole week of research and than start doing something. You can't just jump into IM. You need some knowledge first.
  4. Cyber Don

    Cyber Don Affiliate affiliate

    first of all, welcome to the board.

    firstly, i suggest that you have aroun $300-$500 to invest. People have started without investing anything, but then people who invest are always quicker.

    then decide on what and how you want to promote. take it from there and you will be guiding yourself. if not, post here and we'll help you :)
  5. VickyYeahCPA

    VickyYeahCPA Affiliate affiliate

    You can learn a lot in the forums and hard working is very important in internet marketing. Keep trying and you will have a good reward.
    You can join YeahCPA network and there are many good offers for you to get started.