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Please help me make just one dollar before i give up!!!


Hey everyone, I am not really new to the idea of Affiliate Marketing but I have yet to make 1 Dollar. My latest veture involved registering a domain name (something catchy like as an example)and redirecting the domain name to my affiliate link. advertising of course, is my biggest problem. I have advertized allll over the web. Some free, some paid for. I am seriously thinking of rolling the dice ans spending a heap of money on a radio commercial or full page ad in a newspaper or magazine. Anyone think thats a good Idea?? Or got any new ideas for a clickbank wannabe like myself?? ...Thanks!- Joe

Linda Buquet

Hi Joe,

Welcome to 5 Star.

NOOOOOOOO don't do radio commercial or full page ad in a newspaper or magazine.

Advertising would not be quite as hard if you picked the right NICHE market.
You are CLASSICALLY starting in the hardest place of all.

Steer clear of get rich quick, make money online, webmaster secrets
and ANY other type of Internet Marketing stuff. Thats where all the newbies start and that market is filled with slick pros, gurus and scammers all preying off newbies like you. You CAN'T COMPETE!

Don't waste your time going down a path THOUSANDS of newbies have gone before with the same result. No money and ready to give up.

Also Clickbank IMHO is the hardest place to start. Too competitive and too many of the type of programs I mention above.

Find a small niche to start. Find one you are interested in and know about.
Read all the stickies in the Newbie forum and all the posts in the niche forum for ideas.

Don't give up - just SWITCH GEARS fast!


Great advice Linda!

Yes we should not quit just because one project is not making money YET. We should always review back as to why we are not producing the necessary results if we have put in sufficient efforts. Perhaps we are doing it the wrong way or we did not research well but whatever the reasons may be, do not give up. Discover via your interests, your passion, your job and start with a niche you love and you cannot go wrong. Internet marketing may or may not be your passion but if you are passionate about something, you will want to learn more thus becoming better and better in the process and that translates to $$$ in no time. Believe and trust in yourself will help too. IM is tough for us newbies but that does not mean we cannot make money. Learn about the latest marketing techniques the experts used and are still using as there are all over the Net.

Let me end with a quote:
"If you start to think the problem is ?out there,? stop yourself. That thought is the problem."


I think that lead programs are easier to start with than sales programs. CPA (cost per action) programs will pay you to gather information. In return, the surfer gets something (sample, information, etc.) for free. You gather info about them, but don't have to go as far as getting them to give up a credit card.