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Places to Submit Your Articles

Mal Keenan

New Member
Here's a fairly comprehensive list of places to submit your articles to:

# - Total: 1

A - Total: 51

B - Total: 14

C - Total: 11

D - Total: 3

E - Total: 7

F - Total: 11

G - Total: 1

H - Total: 11

I - Total: 8

J - Total: 4 (marketing articles)

K - Total: 1

L - Total: 6

M - Total: 11

N - Total: 1

O - Total: 3

P - Total: 7

R - Total: 3

S - Total: 13

T - Total: 9

U - Total: 3

V - Total: 2

W - Total: 23

Z - Total: 3

Hope this help with your Internet marketing.

Linda Buquet

Thanks Mal, that's quite the list.

I posted one earlier today you might like. It lists the top article directories including Alexa and Pr ranking.
<a href="">Top 50 Article Directories By Traffic & PR</a>

Mal Keenan

New Member
Hi Linda
I saw your post and it reminded me of the list that I had on one of my sites.

I use submission services but this list is handy for anyone who is doing it manually.

Linda Buquet

Using iSnare In Your Article Marketing Campaign

I saw an article on a blog I read often that I wanted to share in this thread.

It has info about using iSnare for both article submission and
a new feature for article content syndication for your niche sites and blogs.

Using iSnare In Your Article Marketing Campaign :
Rugjeff?s Blog About Blogging

"This is not like RSS or XML feeds, where publishers need to fetch the data from a site. This is the other way around. iSnare?s Publisher Service is actually the one sending the article content straight to the publisher?s doors, full and complete.

With full automation on the publishers? side, publishers can sleep while iSnare is sending them fresh, reviewed and approved articles, allowing them to earn 24/7, even while they sleep."

Using iSnare In Your Article Marketing Campaign : Rugjeff’s Blog About Blogging


Article Marketing

Everyone who is using article submissions or plan on using the technique should be careful when submitting the same articles to mass directories. Changing your submitted article for different submissions is pretty important.

I have found the following process to work well for my business..

1: Write an interesting and unique article which I install on my main website.

2: I wait 2 weeks for the search engines to know my website is the original source of the article. Next I edit the original article with 2 more versions. I change the title and modify about 30% of the content.

3: Next I submit one of the modified articles to, which I believe is the best directory.

4: I wait 1 week after posting to ezinearticles and then I start to post the 2nd modified version of the article to a list of about 10 other article directories.

I know it may sound like a lot of waiting around, but for me this strategy has worked very well to improve traffic and build hundreds of quality backlinks to my website.


A great list of article directories.
Excellent point about not submitting exactly the same article to 100s of directories.
I use SubmitYourArticles which has a neat feature called ArticleLeverage. This takes you through a step by step process of changing the wording of, say, a sentence in each paragraph, adding at least two alternative headlines and resource boxes etc etc so that the program can produce several different articles with, say, at least 30% "different content" which can then be submitted.