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Piece of Advice

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by CreativesLinda, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. CreativesLinda

    CreativesLinda Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    New affiliate networks are opening every day. Some claim that they're the 'best' or that their offers are 'direct from the advertiser', etc. , yet their domain was only registered in the last couple of days or the last couple of months. Please do yourselves a favor and do your research before signing up with an affiliate network. Do a WhoIs check to verify domain ownership and registration date. I find it troublesome when the ownership is private because that makes me think they have something to hide. But that, in and of itself, isn't a reason to avoid the network. It's just one piece of information available to you. Also, do a Google or Bing search for info about the network and the owner to make sure of the legitimacy of both. Make sure that the registration process entails some sort of confirmation or review and that not every affiliate who signs up gets an account. I'm not saying that new networks shouldn't be given a chance. We network owners were all 'new' at some point. Just do your homework.
  2. terraleads
  3. smilodon

    smilodon Affiliate affiliate

    Good advice. Common sense really ;).
  4. CreativesLinda

    CreativesLinda Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Yes, it's common sense for people who have been in this industry for a while. But sometimes common sense goes out the window when someone sees big dollar signs. Also, newbies don't know about doing this research when they start out. I didn't.
  5. Freddy63

    Freddy63 Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Thanks for the advice. I saw two big companies shut down this month. If a company like Adbrite can ran away with 4 months of publisher ernings, I can't imagine what these new companies can do to us.
  6. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    Yeah. It's really a bad thing because newbies are just starting out and testing then suddenly, the company close down. Wtf?
    I wish others won't close. :)
  7. shivamaduncle

    shivamaduncle Affiliate affiliate


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