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Picture yourself looking like this


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This is so strange that I can't even begin to try to explain it. This is just something you must look at to understand and to try to keep from laughing at it when you see it.

A television manufacturer has this as an idea for the television of the future. The problem is what you must wear in order to watch television. You won't believe it when you see the picture.

Here is a link to the article and the picture of the product being used


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Hehehe... Actually, i saw this on the papers the other day. Maybe its supposed to make us looks more friendlier to aliens, shld they visit earth...



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I'm not sure how comfortable this thing would be. It weighs a little more than 6.6 pounds. While that isn't heavy, I would think that after a while a person would get tired of it being on them.

It would be interesting to see a group of people walking down a busy street with each of them wearing one of these. It just might look like an invasion from space.


Oh please. How can I feature it on one of my sites? I can see the buyers lineing up now! Oh it!:D