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PHP Help?


I just found a great WP theme, but the hypertext doesn't stand out enough from the regular text. Can someone tell me the snippet of code I need to change? I'm going blind changing color codes that aren't the right one.

Linda Buquet

I've has frustrations with that in the past too. Depends to some degree on the naming conventions that were used. Also which links you want to change - In the blog or sidebar or footer.

Also where you change it I think may vary based on the theme.
On one of my blogs it's in presentation>theme> stylesheet and
the other has both stylesheet and options.css that control fonts.
Are you looking in one of those places?

Im not much help because in the past I just kept tweaking until I hit on the right combo.
Teli or someone can probably tell you exactly.

What theme is it? And which hypertext do you want to change?


Hi Clara,
Chances are, you don't need to modify any PHP at all -- the changes you'll need to make are to the style.css file (or whichever is the main stylesheet for the theme).

If you don't feel like modifying the specific link code (of which there may be many - couldn't tell you without knowing which theme or seeing the code), then you can paste what I'm about to offer at the very bottom of the file; however, you should keep in mind that it will override all text links within the document.

a {color: #XXXXXX !important;}

Now for the explanation. In the above, you need to replace XXXXXX with the hexadecimal value for the color you want (example: white=FFFFFF, black=000000, red=FF0000 and so forth). This basically changes the text color for the links. The !important says that no matter what any other rules in the stylesheet says, always use that text color for your links.

Frankly, that may be a little too strict for the theme and it may cause the design to look off, for lack of a better word. If you care to tell us which theme (with a link, please and thank you) or, even better - post a link to the stylesheet (that way, I won't need to download/unzip/open any files), and mention where the links are you want the color changed (i.e. content, sidebar, header, footer, etc.) and the color you want, I could give you something more specific.

~ Teli