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Gold Part 14/14 Facebook Case Study.

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by williamrs, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. williamrs

    williamrs Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    PART 14

    Scaling #2

    In this final chapter we will talk about moving your Facebook campaigns to other platforms, more specifically display (or media buying) platforms.

    Just an important thing before we move on:

    It's advisable that before completing this last step of the process you get access to a high quality media buying training to know the exact process for setting up media buying campaigns. Here I'll explain to you how you can approach the transition between Facebook and display platforms, but, obviously, I can't provide detailed instructions on how to do media buys.

    Both Facebook and media buying campaigns are based on demographics. It means that we target people based on their demographics and interests and use a specific angle to make the offer relevant for them.

    If you have a profitable campaign on Facebook, you already know what audience converts for your offer as well as what angle has the best performance.

    So, what you have to do is to find placements that have visitors that meet the criteria and adapt the campaign (banners, landing pages, etc) to run on those sites.

    You can check the demographics of the sites using tools like Alexa, Quantcast and Compete and determine if most of the visitors are suitable for your offer. If so, then test the placement by running some ads for a few days.

    It's also advisable that you choose sites that have content that's close related to the interests you were using on Facebook.

    There are a few things that you have to be careful with, though:

    * Foreign traffic - make sure that the vast majority of the traffic of the website is coming from countries that are allowed by the offer.

    * Mobile traffic - check the percentage that mobile represents in the total amount of traffic that the site receives. if you can't find this information, monitor the campaign in the first days to find out. A simple Google Analytics installed on your landing page can help you with this task.

    * Budget - Start with sites that allow you to test small and don't require a big upfront investment.

    You will see that the process for adjusting the campaign to fit the new visitors is a bit time consuming and even annoying sometimes, but it does pay off once you have the campaign up and running, because display campaigns tend to last longer that Facebook campaigns, specially if you set direct deals with the webmasters (cutting down on the CPA networks) after testing the campaigns and focus on sites that have most of their traffic coming from search (more fresh visitors instead of recurring visitors from social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube).

    Another important warnings is that this last step isn't always effective and that it requires a bit more investment and testing, so just give it a shot when you're sure about the efficiency of the campaign on Facebook.

    That's it for this last chapter and I hope you enjoyed the case study. If you combine this method with the right mindset and take action, I am sure that you will see results soon and will master Facebook ads in just few months.

    This system has the potential to make serious money and it can help you have a solid stream of income on the internet next year, so make sure not to waste time and start getting your foot wet with Facebook.

    If you have questions or need help when creating your first campaigns, don't hesitate to post below or send me a private message here on the forum.

    Good luck in your CPA journey!

    William Souza


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  2. newbidder
  3. KSixJeremy

    KSixJeremy Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    William, this guide is a HUGE resource for anybody getting started. Nicely done
  4. kpr

    kpr Affiliate affiliate

    Love this.
  5. buram

    buram Affiliate affiliate

    i found treasure here, thankyou
  6. Rnr

    Rnr Affiliate affiliate

    Great case study thank you for the information.

    Here go some newbie questions :)

    1. Does the URL to the landing page matter? If so, what did you use on the game offer.
    2. I'm having a hard time trying to find af networks with game offers, are there any you can mention?
    3. When subscribing to the most networks they ask for a website, I don't have one because i need the offer first. What is recommended to fill in?
    4. Are there any books, audio, content that you recommend to read for me as a newbie:)?
    5. When choosing an offer, are there any specific things I need to pay attention to?

    I hope you find the time to answer the questions.

    Thank you

  7. ironbull

    ironbull Affiliate affiliate

    Great Guide @williamrs ! Congrats for that.

    Just two quick questions:
    1) What would be the appropriate length of the Facebook Post copy? Could you use it as a landing (convincing the user right away) and direct linking to your offer?
    2) What is the best way to start making Mobile responsive Landings? - I know how to use Wordpress but I have been told that pure HTML + CSS is better for charging time purposes.

  8. whodat

    whodat Affiliate affiliate

    Finished all 14 yesterday thank you so much cannot wait to put this into action
  9. cynthia

    cynthia Affiliate affiliate

    great share, I love it
  10. Lubomir Gobs

    Lubomir Gobs Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for this guide..
  11. Talal

    Talal Affiliate affiliate

    Great effort Willian and nicely done , thanks a mill!
  12. modpunch

    modpunch Affiliate affiliate

    Hi - realise this was originally posted a while ago - very useful post. One question - how much profit roughly would you make from a campaign like this? Are we talking double figures? triple figure or more? It would be good to know so people new to this can gauge the possible rewards of getting a good campaign working. thanks
  13. wigan01

    wigan01 Affiliate affiliate

    Not sure on which part of this tutorial to post this, I guess this can be as good place as any other..
    If nor original poster, maybe others can shed some light on this.. I like the angle of this campaign, but it used trademarked names (AoE), wouldn't that warrant ban from the network at some point? Also, that would be specific to your network, but do you normally need to verify/approve custom creatives in ad campaigns?
  14. heartimpelled

    heartimpelled Affiliate affiliate


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