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Gold Part 13/14 Facebook Case Study.

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by williamrs, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. williamrs

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    PART 13

    Scaling #1

    I also like to split the process of scaling campaigns into 2 different parts: scaling on Facebook and scaling outside Facebook.

    Scaling on Facebook, which is what we will discuss in this chapter, is basically doing thing to get more volume on Facebook and, therefore, make more money.

    Scaling outside Facebook, which will be the topic of the next chapter, consists of moving the campaigns to other advertising platforms and making even more money.

    The very first thing you need to have to scale a campaign is a positive ROI. You need to be making money with the campaign.

    Scaling campaigns that haven't turned a profit yet will just make you lose more money. You have to test small and then scale as much as possible once the campaign becomes profitable.

    There are a few things you can do to scale your campaign on Facebook:

    Increase the daily budget

    When you set up a new campaign you should start with a low daily budget, something around $10 - $20.

    However, once you start getting results you should start raising the budget gradually. And pay attention to the word gradually. Raising the budget may increase your frequency (Facebook may start showing your ads more often to the same visitors to try to spend more money) and, therefore, lower your CTR, making the campaign lose performance. That's why you shouldn't do it all at once. Do it gradually and watch the campaign to see when you have to stop doing it.

    Boarder your targeting

    As I recommended in the previous chapter, you should start testing the campaign with a very targeted audience so that you can know how effective the campaign is.

    But after getting a positive ROI, and it it's a good ROI, you should start going a bit broader to reach more people and see if you can do more volume with the campaign.

    Often times, this change will make your campaign lose some performance (the metrics may get a bit worse and you may lose some ROI). If it happens you have to compare the previous targeting with the one in terms of which one is more profitable.

    Stick with the one that makes you more money.

    Increase your CTR

    You have already done this during the optimization process, but if you believe you can do even better, continue to work on the ads to improve your CTR.

    It will, as you know, lower your CPC, but not only that, it will also help you get more clicks with the same amount of impressions, which will be a way of scaling the campaign.

    Use other countries

    This should be the last thing, because it won't always work.

    I you have a campaign that's doing well in the US, for example, you can consider scaling it to other countries such as Canada, UK and Australia.

    It tends to be easier if the offer you're running allows other countries, but if it doesn't it isn't reason for you to give up on this.

    You can try to run the exact same campaign (angle, targeting, landing page, ads) and just use a different offer.

    It's not 100% guaranteed to work, but you can always give it a shot and see what happens.

    But don't spend too much on this type of test. You already have all the elements of the campaign, so if you see that the numbers are very bad in the beginning it can be better to stick with just the original country.

    These are some simple yet effective strategies to scale your campaign on Facebook, do more volume and make more money with your winners.

    In the next (final) chapter, I'll show you how it is possible to turn Fcebook cmpaigns into other types of campaigns that can last longer and make you even more money!


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