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Gold Part 11/14 Facebook Case Study.

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by williamrs, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. williamrs

    williamrs Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    PART 11

    Optimization #1

    I decided to split the optimization into 2 different parts, because there 2 different things you have to do when optimizing a Facebook campaign.

    The first part, which I'll cover in this chapter, is the optimization on Facebook: targeting, ads, CTR, CPC, etc.

    The second part, which I'll cover in the next chapter, is the optimization outside Facebook: landing pages, offers, conversion rate, etc.

    Most people are really concerned about the conversion rate when they start running a campaign, but, in fact, the first thing you should monitor is the interest of your audience in what you're offering them (your service and angle).

    If you find a way to present people to something that they will like, then finding an offer that converts becomes a much easier task.

    That said, you should start the optimization by improving the performance of your ads.

    A good initial goal for right column ads is 0.1%+, while news feed ads should aim for 3%+. Analyze your ads and drop all the ones that have 2,500+ impressions (impressions = reach * frequency) and a low CTR (below the initial goal).

    Keep only the good ads (CTR above the goal) and if you see that most ads are doing bad, start split-testing very different ads/concepts.

    For example, if you're using screenshots of the game, start testing artworks. Also, say different things and try to touch different points.

    The goal is to find something that touches a sensitive point, something that your audience will be interested in.

    Split-testing different images is usually more important than split-testing different copies.

    See the types of ads that I tested with my campaign:

    I first tested screenshots of the game like the ones below.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And after the initial test, since the CTR wasn't great, I started testing artworks like the ones below.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Even if your campaign isn't converting well, focus on the CTR and keep doing it until you get 5+ ads up and running with a good CTR. Or until you come to the conclusion that you won't be able to do it, which would be a moment to quit the campaign.

    But before you give up, you should also consider improving the targeting of the campaign. If you have a large audience and it's possible to make it more specific, do it before creating more ads.

    It's not just about showing the right thing, but about showing the right thing to the right people.

    Once you start focusing on the good ads and get rid of the bad ones, you will see a significant decrease in your CPC.

    After that, it's time to focus on the landing page and offer for the conversions to start coming.

    But we will talk about it in the next chapter.


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    How many ads should you have running at anyone time? Was it 5?

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