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Gold [PART 1 OF 2 ] : How to Collect Targeted URLS for any Campaign in less than 5 min ...

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by PiQano, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. PiQano

    PiQano Affiliate affiliate


    a lot of Online Marketers that use CPV to drive traffic for their campaign found some difficulties on how to get URLS to target for their Campaigns..
    Today i'll Share with you [COLOR=#FF00000]2 Method[/COLOR] that i use to get URLS that i can target on my Campaigns..
    let me explain the 2 methods for you fast :
    Method #1 : it depend on a paid Program (Click Here to get it).
    Method #2 : it depend on a 100% Free Service (You'll Discover More about it on the Full POST HERE)

    Let's See and Practice those 2 methods on a LIVE campaign :
    (This offer is from Wow Trk)

    25-07-2014 12-57-32.png

    *Remember the Country.

    & Let's Start with the METHOD #1 :
    my first method it Depend on a Program (a Paid program called EASY GOOGLE URL HARVESTER you can download it from DOJO 4 FREE)
    or Click Here to Buy it now.

    25-07-2014 13-00-15.png

    The Main Keywords for this offer is : action camera denver.
    we need to change the URL of google (depend on the country that we are targeting)
    & then let's try to get our URL List with this program :

    25-07-2014 13-04-15.png

    25-07-2014 13-05-51.png

    And when it finish we need to remove the dupicated URLS :
    25-07-2014 13-06-58.png

    Then Click on Export the URLs to get your TARGET list
    & Boom This is our List of URLS :

    25-07-2014 13-08-18.png

    you can delete http:// easily by clicking CTRL+H (on notepad++) :

    25-07-2014 13-09-51.png

    do the same thing with www if you don't want it on the URL.
    and this is the full list :

    25-07-2014 13-17-04.png

    and by this method we get a Good List that can work well ... but with my Method #2 you'll forget about this method .. because i'll show you my trick on getting high Quality URLs to target using 100% Free Tools...
    * For The METHOD #2 i Post it on DOJO FORUM (if you are not a DOJO Member yet, you can get an account Now By clicking Here..)

    i hope you Like this Methods Guys , if you need anything feel free to PM me here on affix or add me on SKYPE.
    Good Luck & See you soon with another POST.
  2. newbidder
  3. Effect

    Effect Affiliate affiliate

    Like like like great insight thank you
  4. jerryling

    jerryling Affiliate affiliate

    HI mlaghfiri , perfect method here. For this scraper, it is also similar to scrapebox. I have a doubt here. Normally when using scrapebox, people will be placing ip, in case google banned your search ip. But from your method, you did not input any ip for the scrape list? Won't google banned your ip later when they found out?

    This is because from what I know, scraping url from google is illegal unless you create url scraper like Affportal . :)
  5. techfreak

    techfreak Affiliate affiliate

    You can scrape urls using-magicurlscraper.com
  6. ppcnewbie

    ppcnewbie Affiliate affiliate

    What's the URL of the 2nd method post in The Dojo? I can't seem to find it

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