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Page Ranking Confusion

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by Akshaysapra, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Akshaysapra

    Akshaysapra Affiliate affiliate

    Hey everyone! My this question is somewhat different and unique. I don't clearly know how would I be able to make you all understand. But for those who get it, please answer.

    "My pages are not ranking in google"
    For example : - I made a website on keyword magic tricks. Then I made some posts about it on my website like "secrets of magic tricks" , "magic tricks of derren brown" etc.
    I then did SEO for my website. After few days I checked the rankings in google for my posts.
    Now my post "secrets of magic tricks" is ranking on 7th page of google but the problem is that the link on google points back to my homepage and not "secrets of magic tricks" page though the description below the link is of "secrets of magic tricks" only.[​IMG]

    P.S. - I am using a static front page! Is that the cause?

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  2. Golden Goose
  3. Jim Moriarty95

    Jim Moriarty95 Affiliate affiliate

    Ya I think this is one of the cause but there is a problem your sitemap as well as robot txt. You should create a decent xml site map and upload it to google by using google webmaster tool. After crawling google bot it will tell what is the problem of you site and by this way you could find a solution. Good luck.
  4. Mark Steve

    Mark Steve Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for clearing this confusion. Now I know the game of it... thanks
  5. Gustavowoltman

    Gustavowoltman Affiliate affiliate

    You could also have higher PA on the main page and that is the cause that it is ranking higher that your subpage. As I can see it you have the same keyword on the main page as well. Not sure how much higher will this page raise on google but if you do a decent robot.txt file and build some high authority links to your subpage then it is very much possible that it will start ranking higher on google that your webpage.

    Also make sure that you do a link from this subpage to your main page so all the juice will flow there as well.