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Outsourcing LP questions



I have a landing page design I created in photoshop and want to get it created on upwork. It's a simple page and Im just looking for a direct copy from the PSD photoshop file to html, with links to original images I used in my design.

Since this may be used in mobile I want to make sure it's responsive but make sure it loads as fast as possible.

Can anyone give me some tips as to make sure they freelancer understands what I'm looking for? Does anyone have any experience they can give some advice for this?

What is the average turnaround time I should expect and what kind of budget should I be looking at?



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Hi Dave,

I'm a freelance web developer and I have developed many landing pages for my clients.

As far as Job posting is concerned - Tell the developer the following -
1. Convert the design from PSD to html
2. Must be mobile responsive
3. Optimized for fast loading time
4. At the bottom (footer), link to original image source

A seasoned developer will understand above without any issues.

Average turn around time - It depends on the developer's availability. Normally for a simple design you can expect in 1 day. For complex design 2 to 3 days may be required.

Hope it helps.

If you need my help to develop the landing page, please ping me. I charge nominal price.

Good Luck.

Thank You.