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Optimizing push notifications for a higher return

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Justyna Zeropark, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Justyna Zeropark

    Justyna Zeropark Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Hey guys,

    Push notification ads are one of the hottest ad formats in digital advertising.

    Make sure you learn how to create a successful push ad copy and go thru some key pointers for optimizing your push notification campaigns to reach new levels of profit.


    Follow the tips below to see more GREEN:

    - set up your tracker (if you use Voluum, turn on AI algorithms to redirect most traffic to the best converting lander-offer combination)
    - tailor your content and messaging (use emojis in headlines and descriptions, make your message concise and clear, remember the image is small - detailed tips here)
    - split test your push creatives (with Zeropark you can use up to 10 ad variants simultaneously per campaign)
    - identify the best sources or targets and block the least performing targets without cutting off the traffic from an entire source
    - run whitelist campaigns*
    - A/B test your landers
    - test different offers and scale based on offers

    *The difference between whitelist campaigns and RON campaigns with blocked targets/sources is that new sources/targets are continually added in the case of RON campaigns, so you’d have to keep monitoring the campaign and blocking the unwanted sources of traffic that come up.

    Read full blog post or push to start.

    Any questions? Post them here or PM me!
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Wapsharkk.click

    Wapsharkk.click Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Do you have a good convertible traffic for wapclick???
  4. Kerwin Chang

    Kerwin Chang Affiliate affiliate

    Do RON and whitelist campaigns offer same CPC rates? I have a feeling running whitelist campaigns have a higher % than RON campaigns. Just a feeling... :)
  5. marttoom

    marttoom Affiliate affiliate

    What's the latest on push traffic and bots - I remember in Propeller early days they said that push traffic is bot free and it cannot be automated. I'm sure it's more a matter of time when it happens, but pretty sure that it will.

    Can anyone comment on the traffic quality who is running push consistently?
  6. Justyna Zeropark

    Justyna Zeropark Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    What GEOs are you looking for? Let's discuss on Skype: live:justyna.liana
  7. Justyna Zeropark

    Justyna Zeropark Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Due to its nature, push traffic has much more limited probability of being fraudulent since people have to subscribe to receive push notifications, but let's be honest, as with any other type of traffic it cannot be 100% bot free, so at Zeropark we deploy manual and automatic bot filtering. Our Compliance team makes sure the traffic you send to your campaigns is of the highest possible quality, while our in-house and 3-rd party solutions filter out any suspicious targets.

    Plus you always have an option to write to our Compliance at [email protected] if you ever happen to find targets that you think are sending bad quality traffic.
  8. Anthony.

    Anthony. Moderator moderator affiliate

    Great post, and great content on the blog. Thanks!