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Optimize Adsense Earnings with these Google Adsense Case Studies

Linda Buquet

Google AdSense is offering thirteen AdSense optimization case studies for new and advance publishers.
I think this info could be helpful for optimizing regular affiliate sites too.

The following list includes company name, their industry and their goals:
Goal: Enhance content site with targeted ads
* Business type: Software tools and resources for accurate medical insurance coding, billing, and compliance
Business type: Daily blog about personal video recorders
Goal: Generate revenue from a topic-focused blog
Business type: Aircraft seating information for flyers
Goal:Grow an avocation into a revenue-producing business
Business type: Online and offline test preparation classes for the GRE, GMAT, SAT and others
Goal: Invest more in his business with targeted ad revenue

Broadband Wireless Exchange
Business type: Wireless broadband service and equipment
Goal: Show readers useful ads and reduce unsold inventory

- WiFinder
Business type: Global directory for wireless and public access Internet locations
Goal: Grow and maintain predictable website ad revenue

- Woot, Inc.
Business type: Electronics & consumer goods retailer
Goal:Boost ad revenue through optimization and improve user experience through Google AdSense

Business type: Online resource for global position satellite users
Goal:Ease transition from print to online with AdSense revenue

Business type: Technology news portal
Goal: Produce revenue for portal website without spending time pursuing advertisers

- Ask the Builder
Business type: Home improvement and building advice
Goal: Improve user experience with AdSense

Business type: Publisher of information on camcorders and digital cameras
Goal: Increase ad visibility while maximizing editorial space

- Weblogs, Inc.
Business type: Blog publishing network
Goal: Increase revenue through methodical experimenting and tracking

- ScienceDaily magazine
Business type: Publisher of major scientific breakthroughs from universities and research institutions
Goal: Increase revenue through contextual ads?.

Read more about each and download the PDF case study.

Any interesting ideas or thoughts you want to point out in any of these case studies???