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Official Online Dating Kings

Online Dating Leader with constantly enhanced, own dating offers.

  1. InterMaxGroup

    InterMaxGroup Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    InterMaxGroup submitted a new resource:

    Online Dating Kings - Online Dating Leader with constantly enhanced, own dating offers.

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  3. InterMaxGroup

    InterMaxGroup Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    For your information, sharing the official press release about the launch, feel free to contact me with any enquiries.

    InterMaxGroup Launching a New Affiliate Program Online Dating Kings


    Schindellegi, Switzerland - InterMaxGroup AG, an online dating market leader, announced the launch of their brand new affiliate program Online Dating Kings.

    True to its name, the new affiliate program combines the Company’s proven track record of delivering top ROI to its affiliates with a plan to further expand its in-house created dating offers portfolio and GEO coverage.

    Online Dating Kings are a natural expansion of the Company’s trademark affiliate program imaXcash, dubbed the “Online Dating Money Machine”. The new program will include brand new offers and promo tools, and will be open to an even wider range of internet marketers, with a planned expansion in new GEO’s. This is all in addition to the Company’s proven best sellers.

    While imaXcash had a vastly successful year in 2018, with an average increase of 43 pct. ROI for its affiliates, bringing record earnings for many. It will to stay on the market, as a household name and a standalone entity, with a future focus on niche dating. The current imaXcash affiliates are not required to switch programs in order to continue promoting their established, preferred offers.

    Online Dating Kings launches with an initial focus in the following core markets: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, United Kingdom and United States. With more attractive markets to follow in the near future. In many of these, it already reaches as much as the best conversion rates and customer holding times available on the market.

    Offering the Company’s trademark, market exclusive 70 pct. Rev-share. CPA is available for those preferring a faster turnover. All the offers and promo tools in the new system are rigorously tested in order to solidify top ROI, with advanced tracking available. The advanced promo tools include profile deeplinking, custom banner and profile arrays generator, or RSS feeds, among other.

    “Establishing the new brand is a natural evolution - it will enable us to target new markets, with brand new offers, and make our know how and proven track record available to an even wider range of affiliates” says Carl Borowitz, the marketing manager for InterMaxGroup. “That all while imaXcash will remain a steady money maker with a future focus on a different market segment, niche dating”. He adds.

    New affiliates signing up for Online Dating Kings prior to March 31st, 2019 may take advantage of the April promo, which will grant them a higher rev-share payout at 80 pct. during the month of April (valid for new affiliates to the InterMaxGroup affiliate programs).

    For more information please visit or sign up at www.onlinedatingkings.com.
  4. InterMaxGroup

    InterMaxGroup Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Get a CPA Bonus on top of Rev-Share throughout the whole December!


    Would you like to make some Extra Cash for the Year’s End?

    Want to promote some of the best performing, exclusive dating offers in its respective GEO’s?

    How about getting additional CPA for each paid join on top of our 70% rev-share payouts?

    Sign up at Online Dating Kings, send joins throughout the month of December and cash in!

    The rates and eligible GEOS are as follows:

    Germany....................70 % + $ 20.00
    Austria.......................70 % + $ 20.00
    Czech Republic............70 % + $ 5.00
    Slovakia.....................70 % + $ 3.00
    Croatia.......................70 % + $ 2.00
    Serbia........................70 % + $ 2.25
    Romania.....................70 % + $ 2.00
    Poland........................70 % + $ 4.00
    US.............................70 % + $ 15.00
    Italy...........................70 % + $ 20.00
    Portugal......................70 % + $ 20.00

    Terms and Conditions for the Promo:

    Promo is valid for rev-share offers only, in the GEOS listed above.

    Additional CPA rate is granted for each paid join on top of the regular rev-share payout.

    Decisive for granting the bonus CPA payout is the number of DOI joins recorded during the period 1.12. - 31.12.2019 and the paid joins originating from thereof.

    Existing affiliates promoting rev-share offers that send 20 % more DOI joins during the period. 1.12. - 31.12.2019 compared to 1.9. - 30.9.2019 will also receive the bonus CPA payouts.
    Bonus for existing affiliates that promote multiple offers is calculated for each offer separately.

    The additional CPA rates apply during the promo period only.

    For any questions please contact your affiliate manager.


    Affiliate signs up at Online Dating Kings and promotes rev-share offers, sends 100 DOI joins during the period 1.12. - 31.12.2019. A total of 20 of these 100 convert to paid joins - a bonus CPA payout is granted for these twenty paid joins on top of the rev-share payout.

    Sign Up for the promo NOW!

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  5. InterMaxGroup

    InterMaxGroup Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    The Online Dating Kings crew is in full operation. The affiliate team, back office remains entirely at your disposal - no additional processing is expected, with most of our staff working from home.

    Some expect the online usage and sales to peak majorly, due to the coming shutdown.

    In any case - don't shy away reaching out to your account manager, and make sure your bottom lime stays healthy as well!

    Stay safe!
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