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Email List Management and CPC Email Traffic.

  1. InterMaxGroup
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    Mail Value Profits
    Traffic Types:
    • PPC
    • Email
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    Payment Types:
    • Wire
    • Other
    How much do you make with your email lists?

    MailValueProfits (MVP) generate additional profits for email list owners using email marketing. With more than 200 partners worldwide and a premium online dating inventory.

    What it takes to get started:

    1. You supply us your email database, including the source, timestamp and IP Addresses

    2. We do the optimization / validate the email addresses, setup and run a test in order to see what results we able to get.

    3. You review the results and continue getting your regular check while we do all the work

    Tradition and Experience

    Our team utilizes 15+ years of combined online marketing experience, and more than 20+ thousands of emails sent to 100+ milions of unique email addresses managed.

    Currently managing email lists for 200+ partners worldwide.

    MVP is a part of InterMaxGroup, a household name with an established presence in the online industry dating back to 1996.

    Five Reasons to work with MVP:

    • Fully Managed Service - all you need is to supply us your email list(s)
    • Unrivaled first hand experience with monetizing email lists
    • Transparency - all available stats and data accessible in real time
    • Advanced automation - HasOffers used as a tracking solution
    • Revenue Share model stimulates MVP to always reach for the Highest ROI
    Let the results speak for themselves!