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OK I need help

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by forest, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. forest

    forest Affiliate affiliate

    OK this time to ask for some advice on my current problems

    Since joining this site I haven't posted much as I wanted and need to take action
    But the action I am taken is getting me no where so here it goes
    I have been trying to promote diet offers since January and basically have had zero look.
    I built a website/blog and posted articles to it.
    While I had various offers on the site the main offer is a simple cpa sign up pay out 2$
    I have spent 170$ on it with no luck

    What I have been doing all this time is optimizing my landing pages and increasing my CTR on bridge pages and clicks on adverts.
    I have been doing a lot of reading on this and watching videos (long 1 hour plus videos) looking at unbounce and so on

    And in relation to to CTR it has worked
    I first sent traffic my home page and got a 2% CTR
    I now after different various testing have a ctr of 25% on one page
    But still havent converted the offer.

    There is a miss match somewhere and I plan to test more pages to see which is best
    I would like to optimize a page to get between 30-40% CTR which I feel is doable
    But without getting the actual offer to convert I could have a CTR of 100% and still no good
    I have sent just below 600 people to the offer although most of them came from a direct mobile campaign

    Based on what I am paying for traffic I need the offer to convert 15% of paid traffic for the campaign to be worth while.
    The very first CPA campaign I ran I got a conversion rate from direct linking of 20% so I know its doable

    I know the sensible thing to do is kill it and move on but the next offer could just be as tricky and hard to convert.
    I have been at this a long time with little to show for it.

    Is there anyway or what is the best way to pre-sell offers in CPA
    I am considering trying a longer sales page advertorial style and seen if that works
    It may reduce my ctr but it may help conversions
    Any ideas thoughts or advice welcomed
  2. terraleads
  3. localaffiliate99

    localaffiliate99 Affiliate affiliate

    noone can really help you all you need to do is .
    1. check if offer have perfect tracking , some offers do have tracking issues could result no or less sales.
    2. try bidding on more targeted keywords
    3. try different campaigns
    4. try different traffic sources
    5. try different landing pages for same offers and drive traffic to one who converts best
    6. keep an eye of geography with higher sales
    7.keep an eye on keywords resulting more sales

    also take limited and calculated risks
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  4. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    First of all good luck of taking action immediately after reading bunch of post.
    We appreciate if you can make a thread here sharing your progress of your doing.

    Now what you're trying to tell is that, you are new to CPA marketing, and you basically pick a random traffic source without knowing too much of it, or no idea or whatever reason that blows the $170. You look back and say hey, I should have do better. No you're not alone, people who burn money on advertisement are not AS SIMPLE AS YOU"VE SEEN. They are not gimmick or get rich over night course which you spent $100 and get $1,000 in days. For starter, you might experiences a negative ROI for months, or just couldn't get a positive ROI campaign. Now I'm not saying anything, anyway.

    What kind of traffic source you're using, you claim to have 2% of CTR first and then 25% CTR?
    Is that your lander or blog? Your telling it's really vague.
    In your story you just address you spend $170 and have no conversion, then an increase of CTR.

    Various traffic source has direct effect of the CTR, so please address it because many traffic source has many ways to promote them.

    You said you have various offer in your site? Did you have any of them convert after burning $170?
    Your data seems unclear, you wish to get help, but at least share you red data you're with.
    We can hardly define your direction.
    So that decide if you want a board or pinpoint answer to your questions.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2016
  5. forest

    forest Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for your respnoses
    I am an old newbie
    I have dabbled before in affiliate marketing over the years but never had much luck.
    Made some money but lost more

    I decided to try my hand at it again in 2016 and started watching videos and reading more detailed information on it

    I came up with a plan which would end with having 10 sites or verticals each making me $10 a day
    The first vertical i tried and am working on is dieting

    So I built a site bought articles for it and put it online
    I found offers for it
    Mostly CPS offers but also found a CPL offer which just required a simple form submit

    I am using ppc traffic and first off sent them to my home page
    From there I got a CTR to my CPL offer which I was promoting of 2%

    I also disguised the CPS offers as posts and redirected traffic to them got about a 10% ctr but no conversions.
    After doing more research I decided to try a different tactic and sent the traffic to landing or bridge pages.
    A pre-sell style page with a click here for more information button (which will go to the offer)

    I did more reading looking at videos and examples of landing pages and am currently testing different landers out.
    The top performing one is 26% CTR
    I am testing these out one at a time and have 4 more to test
    They are all hero header style

    My plan after testing all remaining landing pages is to see which has the highest CTR and try and optimise it more and get it to around 35%
    I am confident of getting a high CTR but at the end of the day I need the traffic to convert.
    I am using PPC traffic and the visitors are clicking on ads before coming to my site

    Some are then clicking through to the affiliate page but arent filling out the offer
    I am obviously going wrong somewhere in the funnel between interest-intent-sign up and this is what I need to fix and looking for advice on or tutorials guides etc
  6. forest

    forest Affiliate affiliate

    Tested another landing page and got a 33% CTR
    While I believe that is a good result for a landing page considering it hasnt been optimised at all
    I am still not getting any conversion

    I believe the connection between my landing page and the affiliate page isnt correct so I am going to fully change the landing page.
    I am expecting a lower CTR but I hope to get some conversion

    I am also going to be trying a second offer which should if the traffic is targeted should work better
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