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Ohio Virus Removal - Best Ways to Remove Cell Phone Virus

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by karimkayley, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. karimkayley

    karimkayley Affiliate affiliate

    The mobile phone virus is not as widespread as the computer virus, but still could prove to be a nuisance resulting in monetary loss and identity theft.

    In 2005, the virus name Comm-Warrior appeared which had the ability to replicate itself through Multi Messaging services (MMS) and text messages with a picture or audio or video file in it.

    Prior to Comm-Warrior, in 2004, viruses were transmitted through Bluetooth and were confined to small areas and devices.

    Take Reasonable Precautions against Cell Phone Viruses
    There are also other cell phone viruses which are transmitted through MMS messages via Bluetooth. These viruses are less dangerous and affect only small number of devices

    Flash - Format - your Cell Phone
    Sometimes virus cannot be removed with an anti virus program. To remove this kind of virus you can flash format your cell phone.

    Thanks to L&C Sunshine Technology.
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