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Offline Advertising Success Story


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I work in the advertising dept at and we had everyone here fill out ideas for a offline advertising campain. They picked from a hat and a very unique thing came up "mobile billboard advertising" it wasn't my idea but they ran with it in the NYC/NJ Market. I must agmit the campain was awesome.They tested it out with a 3 day campain. 1st day was Holland tunnel commuter traffic in & out bound,2nd day was lincoln tunnel in bound and out bound and the 3rd day was the George Washington bridge in and out. I dont know what they paid but I know that they where happy with the ROI... if anyone is interested the company is called Gobe Media Group Since the last campain we booked the billboard truck again for a 7 day campain starting Oct 23 & I will let you all know how that pans out.

You can see a picture of our campain on their homepage :eek:

Hope this was helpful :)



Very cool service their Craig. I saw a similar service in NYC about a year ago. Peeks the potential prospects curiosity enough to call or visit the site. Good direct marketing and money well spent.


mobile billboard Paying the big bucks for creative advertising

When the dot com crash hit. My then girlfriend now wife & I traveled the country doing mobile marketing. We did 42 states in 10 months.

Then I got back too internet marketing. But I always get a kick out of ebay ads for advertising on body parts.

But i agree affiliates should think about offline marketing. We are working on several partnerships with free trial prepaid calling cards.

good luck going mobile



offline marketing

I have been giving this a thought for some time now. There are just some people who react better to a offline ad. People tend to turn off their eye for ads when online due to advertising that is EVERYWHERE on the web.


Online vs. Offline Advertising? What works?

I agree with you that online customers try to put there eye blinders on to focus on what their looking for. Thats why two thirds of peoples searches click on the natural results vs paid.

I think the reality is going to be in creativity. Doing something new that catches attention. But in the end of the day if you focus your advertising on what the customer is searching for, that connection will be made.

But I still agree with you that its hard to stand out online or offline.

good luck,