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Office Ethics


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Logging on for a few minutes to check the mail, browse websites or catch up the latest news. I guess everybody is doing it! From the secretary even to the Operations Manager, all of us are guilty of it. It seems to be a harmless pastime but for me, it many cases, it is a small perk that has generated more than that. You know, spending time tending to personal affairs and less time taking care of professional duties. It’s a matter of productivity, ethics and privacy come into play here.:D

Linda Buquet


Whats the point of posting all these messages to different forums?
I don't get what you are doing. You keep posting the same general message to many forums which creates duplicate content.

Most people do that when they are trying to get people to click their sig or visit their site. It's a form of forum spam. In your case, you have no sig or even a site in yor profile.

So why do you do this? Makes no sense.