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No Search Restrictions - Botanic Choice Affiliate Program


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We would love to have more participation in the Botanic Choice Affiliate program. Advantages are a wide-open search bidding policy (rare indeed!) and a great commission structure. Our current promotions are generating conversion rates of almost 7% on coupon sites and we have a high reorder rate, which benefits you since we have a 120 return-day policy.

The program is with Commission Junction and we have a full-time affiliate management team (LinkProfits) to assist you.

To sign up:

More information is below:
Botanic Choice has been providing vitamins, herbs, and other effective natural supplements direct to consumers for over 90 YEARS! Here's your opportunity to partner with a company you can trust!

In addition to earning 12% on your referred sales you can earn tremendous bonuses (up to 18%!) with our program:

Return day cookies are set at 120 days and referral occurrences is set at unlimited.

Product feeds available, full-service affiliate management, no search engine bidding restrictions.

If you want more information, you can contact Julie at jbridge(at)



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ComfortMD Affiliate Program - Private Program

This is a private program, managed with software by Volusion. ComfortMD offers a wide variety of health, therapy, and relaxation products for improved body wellness and comfort. The health supply and health care market is growing faster than any other ecommerce segment right now, and we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to share in that growth.

- 10% commission on all sales

- 45 return days

- $75 average order

Search bidding restricted on ComfortMD and, but the real search value is in the many brand name healt products this site carries!

Apply below: