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No Content But Indexed in Google?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by adidam, May 22, 2014.

  1. adidam

    adidam Skype: AdidamHere affiliate

    Hey There,

    I am working on a new website but due to my exams going on, I am not able to add the content except: installing WP and title and meta description. It means, Whole Website is empty. But it is indexed by Google automatically. I don't know how. I haven't made any link to it either.

    Note: I can't work on this website before 6th of June any how.

    Now my question is, What steps I should take because it's EMD domain and I want to rank in on top pages and mostly top rank for the keyword. So if will add the content to it after exams (20 days) will I be able to rank it or It will affect badly now?

    I checked, It's SERP is 18th on Google USA (Google.com) as of now without any content.

    Please guide me your best. Thanks a lot everyone
  2. newbidder
  3. joeyjohnson

    joeyjohnson Affiliate affiliate

    The more age you put on your domain the better. The Google spiders that crawl the web look for any and every website and they just happened to find yours. Adding another 20 days to the age of the domain won't do anything negative to your stance with Google, they may not even crawl it again in that time period and notice. Stay focused on your exams and if you have any spare time, write some posts for your site and put them in niche specific categories so maybe those pages will be indexed already after exams.
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  4. adidam

    adidam Skype: AdidamHere affiliate


    Here is an Update: Site is totally out of the Ranking now. It's now not in first 300 Results now. If after exams (after 20 days) I will make content over it and will make links to it... Will I be able to rank it?

  5. michaelmosesson

    michaelmosesson Affiliate affiliate

    If you're asking if those extra 20 days with no content will somehow make it unrankable, the answer is no. Usually it takes time getting a good ranking, so when you start creating content, don't lose hope if you don't start seeing results immediately. As long as you've made sure to not have picked a too competitive niche, you will see results if your site is optimized well and receive quality backlinks persistently.

    In case you're curious about your kw rankings you can use a tracking service, such as proranktracker.com (free up to 50 keywords), to follow the progress of your keywords. Just remember that SEO takes time, so don't give up.
    Last edited: May 26, 2014

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