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Newbies Please READ!

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by bountyhunter, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. bountyhunter

    bountyhunter Affiliate affiliate

    Hello all I am new here but not new to marketing... I have over 15 years of Internet Marketing... I am the John Force of Internet Marketing.... "“I've been on fire from here to Australia.” as John would say.... I have seen a lot great post on here and a lot people are ready to take ACTION which is GREAT! But they are diving into this without looking to see if there is any water in the pool! But let me give you some advice Please....

    Research is your best friend here people.. PERIOD!
    If you don't research be sure to be prepared to empty your wallet! Because it is going to hurt you right in it..... Not saying to NOT to pull the trigger and take action! I am saying this is NOT a learn as you go business....however it is a double edge sword ..... it is somewhat learn as you go business... You can avoid mistakes by learning as much as you can before you pull the trigger and taking action.....

    Learn How to Track and Test!
    If you don't have tracking in place you WILL FAIL I promise.... If you don't track you have no DATA and no DATA in short = NO PROFIT.... Tracking will become your best friend because you are buying data from your traffic source be it FREE or PAID.... Without tracking there is NO TESTING without testing you will see no data to see what is working or not and to where you can scale it to get the most out of your offer....

    Most of you got what I call $$$$$ in your eyes and that is great... Nothing wrong with that... But use caution at first get your feet wet learn the business... Make a goal of everyday to learn something new about this market and apply it to your business.... Because trust me if you don't them dollar signs in your eyes will turn to tears.... And GUESS WHAT your BROKE!

    Sure not every campaign will make you a lot of money...And you wont become rich over night BUT DON'T GIVE UP if you keep learning and applying what you learn this business will make you a lot of money! There is a lot of information here and ALL OVER THE INTERNET that is FREE for you to learn this business.... All you got to do is RESEARCH it.

    Slow your roll guys....Research, Track, and Test..... Thats the best advice anybody can give you starting out....
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  2. terraleads

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