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Newbie needs help with Facebook Ads!

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by stylez, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. stylez

    stylez Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys,

    here you see a screenshot of an ad showing up on my facebook wall


    When I click on the fanpage name "Food for a healthy LIfestyle" I cannot see this post on their wall.

    When I click on the picture or the title of the picture "Diät Tipps Fett verlieren" it redirects me directly to an external page "yffanalytics.com/track/ATu6N9WM/?clid=27116306"

    What kind of function is this in the facebook ads menu? and is this allowed am I risking facebook to ban my account if I do the same?

    Thx in advance!
  2. newbidder
  3. prosper202guide

    prosper202guide Affiliate affiliate

    if the post is not visible in the actual fan page it is because the advertiser is using a "dark" post (unpublished post). they create it in the FB Power Editor and submit ads from there. you can link externally from dark posts just as you can from regular posts. you still have to run ads to get traffic, so your ad does have to be approved.

    the Power Editor is a Chrome browser plugin. for me it seems to break after each upload/download cycle (transfer of ad campaigns to and from your PC). but there is a "drop" option that will allow you to wipe the PE data cache clean and download again from scratch - you hit the ALT button and the Download link turns to Drop.

    there is lots of information about the Power Editor to be found on Jon Loomer's site at Jon Loomer Digital: For Advanced Facebook Marketers
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