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I want to ask something about affiliate marketing:

Does the affiliate marketing worth it ?

How much can i make as a begginer ?
But when i know more about affiliate marketing how much can i make?

Which is best affiliate network


I don't know what is the best affiliate but yeah there is so much potential in affiliate marketing if you have a good mind,your own good methods & traffic :)


affiliate marketing is worth it. I haven't had to go to a day job in years and if this is all I gain.....yes it is worth it.

Many have second thoughts about affiliate marketing for their own personal reasons. Some may think because the market has a bad name. If you are a true affiliate marketer, you understand there are no easy way to riches or even a living in this business. It takes hard work and constant dedication.

I work around 8-10 hours a day 6.5 days a week.

Is it doable. Yes. Can you run a marathon if you never ran in your life? no. But can you get out there and do a little each day until you get there? yes.

How much you make is dependent on you. You just have to keep going. If you dont have enough to keep you alive while you get started then i would suggest doing it part time until you can move away from your 9-5. or as it is in the US more like 9-1

chuck rivers

Hello,there,goldarti,hope you're doing alright!

Affiliate Marketing is definitely worth it,If you're trying to learn how to get started, you're probably doing a lot of research,but what many novice affiliate marketers forget at this stage is to implement these techniques. They forget to take action, and if you never take action, you'll never make money as an affiliate,so,you must first set everything up & then continue to scale it up to optimize the results,and that is when you start getting all the benefits,both personally & financially.

How much $$$$ you make as a beginner is entirely up to you,depends on how much time,money & effort you invest on your campaigns in order to get the best out of each one,and this ties up to how much you can earn as you develop your business model,although,arithmetically,how much you earn depends on the commission the product/service you promote gives x times the sales you make,that's for sure!

As for which is the absolute best affiliate network,there's no universal ''correct'' answer for that,you should look for a platform that best suits your needs & expectations,and also depends on the niche you select,in my own experience & opinion,3 of the top ones would be ClickBank,PeerFly & Commission Junction,since they have thousands of available monetizing options for everyone,beginners,intermediate or advanced affiliate marketers alike.

Hope this ultra-basic approach provides a general overview and answers your question,see you around!
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Affiliate marketing totally worth it.
You have the freedom to work where u want, whenever u want, and u dont have a. boss.

But it does require hard work, thats is the reason most people,fail at this. Because they want to get paid for being lazy.

Look at the super affiliates, they work their ass off to make the amount money they are making right now.

Good Luck with affiliate marketing.