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Selling New Writer On The Block- Look Inside-What He Has To Offer!

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by linnet, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. linnet

    linnet Affiliate affiliate

    REVIEW COPIES!! New Writer On The Block- Make Your Copy STAND OUT!

    "Have something to say? Let me help you say it"​

    Professional writing services are a dime a dozen. While that gives you a bevy of options to choose from, spotting the needles in the haystack can be more than a headache. You may regret your decision, or worse, burn a hole in your pocket if you spend your hard-earned money on anything that falls short of stellar

    No one deserves to resort to the ordinary, and that includes you.

    Content creation is an art. And you should settle for nothing less.

    There is a dearth of website content writing professionals who:

    Have a forte for delivering high quality content- consistently

    Can understand your requirements and offer deliverables within your budget

    Adhere to deadlines and understand the importance of timely submissions

    Refrain from using flowery language or difficult jargon

    Are principled enough to shun plagiarism

    Engage in both online and offline research to produce the best results

    Are easily reachable and provide regular updates on project status

    With over 4 years of experience in offering tailor-made professional content writing services, I
    pride myself on not just meeting, but exceeding the above criteria. I work with clients from various
    backgrounds to help them build and enhance their online reputation. Whether you are are looking
    to market your services or sell products online, I can craft compelling content that will bring you
    closer to your business goals.

    From engaging blog posts and informative articles to search-engine optimized website content and
    riveting marketing copy such as brochures and mailers, my writing services encompass all that and


    Why rely on different writers for business communications, articles, promotional materials, white
    papers, or other professional writing services when you can find it all here?

    Sales or Landingpages
    Your landing page will either attract or repel readers and potential customers. Nobody wants to
    drive business away, and that is why you are here, isn’t it? Look no further if you need a capable
    writer to better customer engagement and write exemplary sales pages that translate into

    There’s a reason why so many newsletters are relegated to the trash bin or spam folder: they offer
    little to no value. Informative and unique newsletters are a rarity. Let me turn things around for you
    by writing content your customers will enjoy reading.

    Press releases

    I can create a new press release for you and even fine tune an existing one if your chief priorities are:

    • [*]Greater visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing
      [*]Increased awareness about your brand or product
      [*]Attracting better business prospects with the help of effective calls to action


    How many website content writing professionals live up to their promise of producing compelling
    copy that not only impresses, but makes end users want to get involved with a business? Not many.
    If you are looking for a copywriter who can help you attract all the right attention, you have taken
    that pivotal first step by reading this.

    Creative writing

    Creating, moulding, and bartering ideas are fundamental to being heard and influencing opinions
    online. Let me use the power of the written word to speak to your audience and create prose that is
    clear, concise, and persuasive.

    Web content

    Too many professional content writing services concentrate solely on SEO-compliant material. This,
    in effect,can taint the quality of writing. Great website copy that stays on in the mind of the reader
    will make all the difference for your business- and that is what I specialize in.

    I can work on the content of your web pages to make them more streamlined without compromising
    on your core talking points, mission statements, and business ideas.

    Article submissions
    Online articles and e-zines can cement your reputation as an industry authority. So when you hire
    people to write them on your behalf, you entrust them with your online reputation. That is a huge
    risk to take. Do you need articles that are business-oriented, or simply geared inform your target
    audience about a topic? Regardless of your requirements, thought-provoking, easy to understand
    content is what I will offer you.

    I have vast experience in creating accurate descriptions for products across many sectors. I focus on
    highlighting the USP of every offering and hone my content around the unique features that make
    your product stand out from the crowd.

    Blog posts

    An influential blog is one that lets readers take away something of value and offers fresh content on
    a regular basis. If you are keen to speak directly with your audience but don’t have the time to do so
    due to professional reasons, I can do the needful for you. I will ensure that your blog is replete with
    original, concise content on a timely basis.

    Do all professional content writers have the know-how to write eBooks that engage? Sadly, no. The
    non-availability of professional eBook writers only adds to this problem, but you are already looking
    at the solution if you need an eBook to generate more traffic and get more leads.

    Let’s set the ball rolling

    Contact me right away for quotes, work samples, specific assignments, or if you have any queries!

    Let my experience and dedication speak for you.

    Thanks and I look forward to working with you! PM for samples or any references, etc.

  2. newbidder
  3. linnet

    linnet Affiliate affiliate

    Should I be Giving Away Review Copies?

    Oh Alright, then You have it.

    Discount Review Copies on Row- 50% of the Original Price.

    PM me for Details!
  4. linnet

    linnet Affiliate affiliate

    I am Still having 5 Review Copies in my Bag.

    Anyone interested shoot me a PM.

  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Sure inbox me.

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