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New to the neighborhood.



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Welcome to 5 Star, carbonmouse.

5 Star is the perfect place to expand your knowledge.

There are numerous affiliate managers among our membership so they can easily related to you.


New Member
Thanks for the welcome! Unwritten rules of this site?

So, what are the do's and donts of this site other than the standards stated in the disclosure? Links, no Links?


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There are some written rules to 5 Star and I'll provide you with a link to them.

You are an affiliate manager. You may promote your program(s) in our Merchants Promote Your Affiliate Program Forum, provided your program or programs aren't against the rules. Here is a link to that forum

It is a free forum. But there are some important rules connected to the forum. Please be sure to read the rules. Please ask questions if there is something you don't understand. Here is a link to the rules for that forum

In our other forum you may not do any self promotion or link to your sites.

You may use a signature. You can set up one by using the Control Panel. Links are allowed in the signature. There are signature restrictions. Here are the rules related to signatures:
Signature Restrictions:
? Maximum length: 5 lines (breaks between lines count as lines)
? Maximum font size permitted is size 2
? No images or cookie requests allowed
? No more than 3 links per signature
? NOTE: Moderators, 5 Star clients and paid forum sponsors may have longer signatures

There are other rules and they are written. Here is a link to the community rules

Thanks for asking about the rules.

Linda Buquet

Hi carbonmouse,

Welcome to 5 Star and thanks again for asking about the rules in advance.

I see you are with an affiliate network, so wanted to point out one important rule. In the merchants promote your program here - you can only have one thread. You can add as many new threads as you want about different programs and offers in your network - but all in that same thread.

The reason, I hope is obvious. OPMS and networks that have 20 or more programs could post about new programs in every thread and monopolize that forum. It would be so noisy down there, that an individual merchant with a single program would not get much exposure.

So be sure to use a good title for your 1st post. LinkMo Affiliate Network - New programs and updates - something like that. If you start it off with join the XYZ auto affiliate program - then have news later about the ABC pets affiliate program won't get many views because people are assuming the thread is about auto affiliate programs.


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I read the rules but was unsure about the following: Am I allowed to put a link to our affiliate program within the thread? And when creating this type of thread is it best to start off with a breif description of our network and other services?


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carbonmouse you asked Linda but I'm answering because I am reading it before she has read it. You ARE allowed to put a link to your affiliate program within the thread when posting in the Merchants Promote Your Affiliate Program Forum. However you shouldn't do it in our other forums. It is fine there and in most cases it is very helpful since that will allow people to go to the right place to join and/or get additional information about the affiliate program.

You do have a lot of freedom in that forum to explain things. It might be helpful to give people some basic information about your affiliate program so they will have an understanding of it. So you can start your thread in that manner if you would like since it could provide helpful information.