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New Hardware Solution for Virus/Spyware/System damage



Hey guys,

I just wanted to let everyone know about a new product.

PC Vive is in the game of PC survival. The patented hardware security mechanism is at the heart of PC Vive. Unlike software, PC Vive is a hardware solution that is not vulnerable to the typical threats associated with software security solutions. By running before the operating system is launched, PC Vive is capable of repairing any problems with the system without relying on the operating system. If the operating system is corrupt, software based solutions will not repair the files and the system will not boot. Using PC Vive will alleviate the risk associated with maintaining a reliable computer system.

PC Vive works by creating hard disk virtualization. This term simply means that the actual files are not changed while the operating system is running. Instead, the changes are stored in an unused section of the hard disk.

If the system is rebooted and PC Vive repairs the system, then the virtual changes are wiped clean and the original state of the system is present. This allows the system to return to that state after each repair. If there are changes that need to be retained on the system, then a Save is performed using PC Vive and those changes are permanently stored. Once the state is saved, the system will return to the saved state after each repair.

PC Vive combats spyware, viruses and system threats by repairing the computer on every reboot. In less than 8 seconds the computer will be repaired to its known-good state.

We also have a great reseller and affiliate program. Feel free to check out our website at . The PC Vive DS retail price is $59.95.

Thank you,

PC Vive Staff