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NEW Google Page Creator

Linda Buquet

This new offering from Google has some pretty hot implications for affiliate marketers. This quick easy page builder hosted by Google has some very nice templates which you can see at Matt Cutts blog below. Your domain name will be your Gmail account name. Luckily I got a decent one way back when called "4Affiliates" so I will build a little affiliate resource page with links to my site, blog forum and include other good sources of affiliate related info.

I can think of lots of great applications for this service for affiliates - especially new affiliates just learning the ropes or those that need a quick landing page for PPC ads. This service could turn into Spam and porn city like Google Base has, but in the beginning the marketing implications and applications are mind boggling - if you think creatively. ;-)

Just like Google Analytics, the word about this new tool spread like wildfire the 1st day and by the time I woke up and discovered it this AM - the service is already overwhelmed and closed to new accounts. However Matt blogged about the new service and shows some of the templates so you can get a peek in the meantime. <a href="">Matt Cutts ? Google Page Creator</a> Matt says:

<blockquote>I only showed a few templates; there?s a couple cool retro ones. It?s late, but I?ll play around with this some and be ready to talk about it at SES NYC next week. If you?re planning on doing a ton of pages or regularly updating content, you?d be better off with Blogger/WordPress/TypePad/etc. But if you just want to put up some relatively static pages or a small site, this could fit the bill. I like that you don?t have to fiddle around with FTP/scp to upload images or change a page.</blockquote>

Here is the actual Google Page Creator Link: <a target="_new" href=""></a>. You can get an update by email when the service is ready to take on more users. Happy landing page building!

So what do you guys think???