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New Google Bad for Biz?

Linda Buquet

A sneak peek at a new search results interface that is 'reportedly' in the works at Google is spreading some fear through the affiliatesphere and starting new "Google is taking over the world" consiracy theories. I have heard so many 'the sky is falling on affiliate marketing' stories through the years that I don't even worry any more. Our industry is solid and this market isn't going away anytime soon. I remember when people predicted long ago that Froogle would overtake affiliates and Froogle barely even made a dent. IF, and thats a big IF, this new Google design comes to pass I don't think Froogle will have a big impact either. I do understand the concern, I just don't think there is anything to worry about. But here is what some affiliates are saying:

<blockquote>"The thing that I noticed straight away was the Froogle link and how people will be inclined to click on that link once they become more aware of what Froogle is, which will be inevitable considering it's positioning on the page."

"Google's aim is to be the biggest affiliate in the world, so that layout wouldn't surprise me. In the end they don't want shopping sites anywhere else but froogle, pretty much forcing affiliates into content websites. How soon they kill affiliates off is the key to their own survival as well, too early and they risk their own business, it doesn't take long to insert a script denying google bots."

"Google are the biggest threat to affiliates, enjoy it while it lasts".</blockquote>

Here is the <strong><a target="_new" href="">sneak peek at the New Google layout</a> </strong>that started the concern. Here is an image on Flickr that shows the <strong><a target="_new" href="">new Google interface</a> </strong> even better. And here is the discussion that's taking place over at the UK Affiliate Marketing Forum: <strong><a target="_new" href="">New Google design bad for affiliates?</a></strong>

What do you think???