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“FunnelFlux  Zeydoo

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Affiliate program web sites fascinate me. Everyone wants to know "how" to "make money" with affiliate programs. Sort of the easy way to make it big on the Internet.

Earning money involves dreams, visions, hopes, and lots of testing and trying. Prado's principle is the economic maxim for affiliate marketing. Twenty percent of the marketer's will earn (note the word "earn") 80% of the profits.

Almost anyone could surmise the reasons for this formula. I think it is because these folks discover something that works based on their determined focus on testing and trying. They just work at it harder.

Further, their discovery provokes a passion. They possess an ardent focus on that discovery. They arrived at a eureka ("I have found it") moment.

Too often, the rest of us want to catch the tail of their star. We gain for awhile, but we'd do better when finding our own eureka moment. Admittedly, I want to say, "I have found it".

Maybe, a "5 Star" idea will come to mind here.

Just a "for what its worth" thought.