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Needing a bit more direction

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by thehuffman, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. thehuffman

    thehuffman Affiliate affiliate

    Hey friends,

    First off, love this site and love you all. Have been lurking for a while and am finding myself stuck. A bit of background on me, I have a degree in advertising and have worked at a marketing firm for a while as a designer. Only problem is that I'm used to picking up something when someone else starts it. I'm more of the artist behind the designs. So when it comes to "how to start" I'm drawing a blank. That being said, I just want to make sure I'm headed in the right direction before I get set off on this adventure. Planning on starting my diary once I get things in place.

    So if I could get some input/direction/correction on the below that'd be GREATLY appreciated.

    1. I need a plan. Need to actually have this baby mapped out and have a visual representation of how I'm going to go about doing this. It'll help to have those ideas out of my head on paper as well as keep me accountable to myself.

    2. I need to have a schedule (already done this. Have everything planned out... even down to my meal times haha). Working a 9-5 plus all the demands of life mean I need to make sure I'm making time for this.

    3. Now onto the nitty-gritty: logistical application
      First up, creating the home-base to which people will be directed (if doing domain/redirect traffic)
      1. Need a VPS (thinking about bluehost, seem reliable and in the middle of the road price wise).
        1. Is it here that I would code my HTML, CSS and drop my ad's from photoshop in? I have Dreamweaver and Muse... and all the other Adobe stuff...
        2. Or, is this where I upload my created ads, and LPs?
        3. Newb question, but I'm legitimately confused about where exactly my created ads go... I feel comfortable with everything else. I just don't know where to start. This is the biggest hang up.
      2. Pick Vertical (mobile is what I've decided)
      3. Pick a traffic source (thinking zeropark)
        1. Am I able to simply make ads, get them approved by whoever needs to give that stamp, and then upload them to the traffic source if It's a pop up?
      4. Install tracking (between either Prosper202 and Adsbridge)

        **at this point I've got the skeleton set up, so to speak, and from this point on is about research and running ads.

      5. Research competition (have Hide My Ass pro, may move up to whatrunswhere when I am able to budget it)
      6. Create Ads and LPs (at least 3 different angles to be taken here).
        #5 and 6 I'm actually stoked about. I love making ads, writing copy, and building pages. It's what my damn degree was in. If only I could make it to this stage!
      7. Test
      8. Optimize
      9. Scale if profitable
    Well, there you have it. The goal for all of this is to make more than my current job (I'm really underpaid for what I create) so I can follow my dream. (Corny, but real).

    The goal: Surpass my daily earning income of $120/day.

    I know I can get there... but I need to be able to get unstuck from the mud.

    Thanks guys!
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  3. thehuffman

    thehuffman Affiliate affiliate


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