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Affiliate Classroom

Hey Stars,

Alright with all the things going on in Affiliate Classroom I have always been so busy with student support and content that the forum has been a bit of a ignored child.

However, now that we are growing so fast and I have been able to hire staffing, etc... I really want to turn to pumping up the forum and making it far more active.

We have MORE THAN enough students, just not enough going into the forum.

Any ideas on how to get it more active? Things like running a competition? But if I run a competition, what do I award? Most posts? Most interesting post? Most helpful posts?

"Most posts" <--- seems like a set-up for some major spamming or useless posting...

Anyways, thought I'd throw this out there to get some feedback from you forum posters to see what you like!

Anik Singal


This post it an obvious good start. Another would be promoting the WHY's Should The student participate in the forum. Whats the benefit to participating in the forum? What type of information will there be. I guess what I am trying to say, it might not matter that you have a forum, there are a lot of forums on the web. So the question needs to be answered WHY!

It's like my newsletter, I have a newsletter that I would like my prosects to sign up for. Most people would say WHY do I want Your newsletter Michael?

So I have to come up with something that makes sense like....

Subscribe to's 'Internet Marketing Tips Newsletter' Where you will receive monthly tips and advice from Pro Internet Marketers, who make tens of thousands, to even millions of dollars a year promoting products on line. We'll teach you how to earn a highly profitable steady monthly Income, by promoting other peoples products, and services on line. Hear about world renowned techniques to promoting your web site both on line, and off line. Get a free marketing course, Learn which marketing tools the experts prefer, PLUS MUCH MORE!"

Okay so now I know why I would want to, or I would not want to sign up for this newsletter.

For What it is worth I hope it was worth something!


New Member
Affiliate Classroom said:
We have MORE THAN enough students, just not enough going into the forum. Any ideas on how to get it more active?

Anik --

Getting a forum rolling -- even with a captive audience -- is a challenge. It takes some time for it to become self sustaining. No matter what, most people will lurk. Take a look at my short tip sheet Growing An Online Small Business Forum. It could give you some ideas. The key to keeping my forum growing and active has been communicating with members outside of the forum. They're all so busy they forget to participate and need to be reminded. :)

Best regards,

Denise O'Berry
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Linda Buquet


Sorry I missed this question before. I have tried best post and things like that and found it tough. But here is a BRILLIANT idea that I may try soon.

DentalPlans is doing a GREAT contest to build up their new forums. What's brilliant about this "best answer to these questions wins" contest is that YOU direct the type of content and info you want to see. For you it could be great because it would give you content for the mag - in fact one of the prizes could be the winner that writes the best answer gets published in the mag.

One of the questions you could ask could be: If you could add or change anything about Affiliate Classroom, what would it be? It would give you valuable suggestions, ideas and feedback. Also probably some good new testimonials because some whould say I love it just the way it is because...

One of the questions DP asks on their forum is who is your favorite DP affiliate manager (they have 4). I love this question because it gives their managers some appreciation and props from affiliates.

Affiliate Classroom

Brilliant indeed! I think I am going to launch this next week. Now just need to think of some good prizes to get these affiliates cooking!