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Need suggestions on networks for GPT site [Shiftcode]

Discussion in 'Incentive Marketing' started by mukund, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. mukund

    mukund Affiliate affiliate


    I am in process of building a GPT site. Will launch it by 1st week of July.
    By now i have added this offerwalls ,

    CPA lead
    CPA grip
    super rewards

    Applied for few more , but they rejected as they said site is new. I will apply them after couple of months.

    Now, i need to apply to some networks which would provide offers and surveys for paid to signup network.
    Can you give me good suggestions on which ones are easy to apply for ? No middle man , so i get good rates.

    Also , any one has good tutorials on how to add offers and stuff , i hired a guy who installed offerwalls for me. They are automated so doesn't need much interference.
    But paid to signup section requires constant administration , so anyone can help me on how to do it ?

  2. newbidder
  3. ProMotion

    ProMotion Affiliate Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Please consider our own IncentWise.com. IncentWise™ is a full service performance based affiliate network (CPA) based in the USA specifically aimed at connecting our driven advertising sponsors with quality incentive and non-incent type publishers. We've been experiencing phenomenal growth consistently since inception - please join us in the spirit of mutual success without limits !

    All Publishers

    Extremely competitive (upper echelon) campaign payout rates! Please feel free to compare our payout rates and notice our significant ultra-high payout difference!

    Solid financials with payments you can always count on (we never disappoint anyone!)

    Net 35 Monthly Paid Mid-Month sent via PayPal or a promptly mailed check with only a $20 minimum (though we often disregard our standard published terms in favor of early payments sent with no payout minimum!)

    Better attention to campaign details (the little things that count big) We'll never leave you hunting elsewhere for campaign creatives (banner images) or suitable textual descriptions. Also, we NEVER advertise our own network on any of our campaign banners (a practice that other networks seem to think is relevant or ethical.)

    Bonus perks! We routinely will add our active publishers to our regular professional web promotion efforts thereby increasing the exposure and popularity of your web properties. After all, if you will be promoting our campaigns doesn't it make graceful sense for us to reciprocate by promoting your web sites as well?

    We strive to be extremely easy to work with with regular mutually respectful peer based human interactions. We design no arbitrary and unduly restrictive draconian rules made up on the fly. No costly surprises. We prefer to always play fair. The way it should be, right?

    Incentive Type Publishers (Those providing any type of reward or incentive to web site members usually in the form of cash, points, virtual currency, or special access to content in exchange for the completion of offer requirements)

    We've been in the incentive publishing industry for nearly a decade now so we definitely can relate well to the needs and desires of the GPT site admin.

    We are a fully ShiftCode Get Paid To site integrated network based upon the Performa platform. Genuine ShiftCode GPT site administrators need not hassle with postback setup and other difficult intricate technicalities. Add all our campaigns with just a few clicks! Instant crediting is also automatically performed. Offers will be moved into an expired folder on your site when expired on our network. IncentWise offers the best in automated convenience!

    Non-Incent Type Publishers (Those publishers who rely solely upon the interest generated by creative banners and textual descriptive content to entice web site guests to click on and complete offer or survey campaigns. Non-incent never offer any type of reward or incentive in exchange for the completion of offer requirements)

    As a non-incent publisher you'll have access to our complete selection approaching thousands of lucrative campaigns in all categories.​
  4. Cavalier07

    Cavalier07 Affiliate affiliate

    I will always recommend Point Click Track (link) and Red Fire Network (link) both great networks which I have used for years now

  5. spsp29

    spsp29 Affiliate affiliate

    I recommend any top level network, most of the Performa networks all get their offers from each other or make it appear or brag that they have "hot offers" but they really just get them from another source (normally 50% of the rate you are losing out on) that you can eventually get.

    I also wouldn't pay for help with offer wall installation, it's pretty self explanatory and many of the sites that do offer the walls, have instructions on how to do it. (ie Point Click / Adwork, etc)

    Also keep in mind, the more offer walls, the more risk you have of getting dupes, all of these walls are the same, just different companies.

    Find a few that pay well and are reliable and stick with those.

    Sites that have 20+ walls to me is just pointless.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2014
  6. fpforum

    fpforum Affiliate affiliate

    I've never received a late payment from CPALead..Nothing but good things with them!
  7. Pr0duct

    Pr0duct Affiliate affiliate

    I heard shiftcode shut down or wasnt to be trusted?
  8. Dario

    Dario Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Blue Track Media is a very good network too, don`t forget them.:)
  9. CreativesLinda

    CreativesLinda Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    They aren't accepting new accounts at the moment and, in my personal opinion, I don't believe they ever will. But everyone needs to know, going in, that direct competitors are able to see everything going on with your site if you're with ShiftCode because they're employees of ShiftCode.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2014
  10. whodat

    whodat Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah I would stay clear of them for now.

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