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Need More Traffic From Google?


Last week while looking at some articles that attempted to explain how Google bots crawl the web to find the content that will be returned in the SERPs, I learned that that apart from relevance of the content Google also wants content that will most likely answer the searcher's questions.

According to the article diversity of content is the key to getting higher rankings and more traffic to your site. Post videos, articles, infographics, images, etc and you'll be getting more traffic from Google.

If you haven't been "varying" you content then you should give it a thought.

Ashish Mehta

If you can get more traffic form Google then You used Social media Marketing like Facebook, Twitter, P interest, Stumble upon, Instagram, LinkedIn. This Social Media sites is very helpful to get the best traffic. If you can get Direct Traffic in Google then you used the Articles and Forums Submissions. its a good idea to get the best and more traffic in your site..

Samuel Roy

Need more traffic from google to your site through this techniques you can increase more traffic

In-depth articles
Smartphone SEO
Google authorship
Video optimization
Snippet optimization
Improving site speed
Ongoing on-page SEO
Updating fresh content
Improving user satisfaction
Social annotations with Google+
Rich snippets from structured data
Expanding your international audience.


If you need traffic from google then you have to do some SEO activities like social bookmarking, forum posting, blog commenting, article submission, business listing, profile creation, etc. And side by side start with SMO....


You need an interesting topic and good content. Google algo can rank your website to top without any significant exposure if your content is unique, interesting and what people are looking for.

Best 4 Fashion

12 Ways to Increase Traffic From Google Without Building Links
1. In-depth articles
2. Improving user satisfaction
3. Rich snippets from structured data
4. Video optimization
5. Google authorship
6. Improving site speed
7. Smartphone SEO
8. Expanding your international audience
9. Social annotations with Google+
10. Snippet optimization
11. Updating fresh content
12. Ongoing on-page SEO


  1. SEO
  2. Social Media Optimization & Bookmarking
  3. Build Backlinks
  4. Guest Posting
  5. Web directory submission
  6. Article submission
  7. Build your royalty in the viral traffic forums l
  8. Email marketing


Definitely content variation is the key formula for SEO success, since Google also give weight to the content that accurately answers to the users searches. So when a user clicks your link and finds that it is of no value then he/she may leave that page. So then you link value is degraded, so it is better to add varied content along with images or inforgraphics to grab the attention of the user to sustain in the page.

Keeping large content complicates the user to understand well, so it recommended to keep pictures for better user understandably.


If you want traffic from Google So you can work with some SEO activities with fresh content on posting whenever you post on other site. You can work on infographics, bookmarking, profile posting, social posting on facebook, twitter and google plus, email marketing etc.