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Need Little Help



I am planning to get some Publisher networks to earn some money out of my website. However, the problem is that I am having a rough time with deciding which ones are better.

At the moment, I want Publisher networks which don't ask for SSN (Many of them don't) I will be looking for GOOD one's like Google and Azoogle later on..

I want the network to be based on CPC..I used Bidvertiser (SUCKS!) & Clicksor (Doesn't generate much $$) and trying BannerBoxes.Com at the moment. Please let me know of any good networks which don't ask for SSN here. :) Also, if you have time feel free to post some good ones (Doesn't matter if it needs SSN Or Not) as I will be getting into them in summer.

I live in the US, if that's a requirement for any Ad Network..Impressions per/month would be um..2000 (Unique) :(