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need landing page tricks

Discussion in 'Design and Creatives' started by Salifuj, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Salifuj

    Salifuj Affiliate affiliate

    Hi guys
    i am looking for a guide to creating landing pages that convert. Any links? thnx in advance
  2. Voluum
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

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  4. Salifuj

    Salifuj Affiliate affiliate

    Hello K
    thnx for the link. But i have two questions though
    1. Does the landing page generator work with wordpress?
    2. i am also interested in the forensics of a landing page, what do i do where or what do i put where to make the page optimized for conversions. I would really appreciate your feedback. thnx
  5. I have heard landing page genius work pretty well if you already have a template. You can basically split test on a large platform and see what combination of placements work the best. It is about find what works the best and going from there. I create my landing pages from scratch because I want them to have a particular feel to it though. Have a good flow in your sales copy that leads them down the path is always key too. I know a good landing page when it makes want to keep reading..even though I know what is being done to me. Just my thoughts
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  6. bluestack

    bluestack Affiliate affiliate

    I was also searching for simple banner tools, those tools will come handy in my IM later.
  7. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Well-Known Member affiliate

    When it comes to creating landing pages you've got to remember than sometimes keeping it simple will convert better than over complicating things. In terms of the 'forensics' of a page, there are a few little guides I've bounced off that help me.

    One is 'The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page' from the guys at Formstack - View it here

    The second from the team at Unbounce, 'The Complete Guide to Landing Pages' - View it here.
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  8. tac88

    tac88 Affiliate affiliate

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  9. Effect

    Effect Affiliate affiliate

    Great links thanks
  10. seraph

    seraph Affiliate affiliate

    Also keep in mind that a surprising amount of conversions comes from...how the buttons look. Not kidding.

    Getting a good one that contrasts well, but doesn't clash with the color scheme...and making it "pressable", does a LOT. Humans have that "oooh, press the button" mentality, so I always like to test out several kinds on some of my buddies, to see which one they feel like pressing the most.
  11. dave c

    dave c Affiliate affiliate

    Absolutely true, we tried thousands of LPs but in the end the ones that were converting the most in certain areas were the simplest ones.
  12. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Well-Known Member affiliate

    Yep, it's just a matter of testing all the different scenarios.
  13. Snoop

    Snoop Affiliate affiliate

    Just make everything as simple as it can be for the user.
  14. PiQano

    PiQano Well-Known Member affiliate

    there is a lot of courses here about creating landing pages that convert http://www.udemy.com/ but i will suggest u to start learning Photoshop