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Need Help in Understanding Stats & Conversion Process.

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Syed A1, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Syed A1

    Syed A1 Affiliate affiliate



    1- A lengthy post
    2- English not 1st language
    3- Not a copywriter
    4- Totally confused for issue so my confusion might confuse you also.


    Consider my a dumb when replying to my queries.

    Post Content:

    I am new to affiliate marketing. I am testing few offers with @Anastasia AdCombo Following are the necessary details to answer my queries.

    Adcombo Stat : Screenshot
    Traffic Source : Propellerads
    Offer : Olymp Trade
    Geo : not willing to reveal
    Payment/Payout Hold Period : 30 days
    Payout : $40
    Conversion Point : min. $10 deposit with Olymptrade platform.

    This offer has 2 conversion steps.

    1- someone signed up, created id and password confirmed his email (non-payable)
    2- Deposit of min $10 with olymptrade. (payable)

    I have got 12 conversions in total. 1st one was on 6th of July. At that time campaign was not profitable so i kind of paused it.

    During last 10 days of July due to some info gained i planed to test it again with $100. This time i got 11 more conversions (optimized by zoneid and best converting LP) and i stopped campaign on 27th July.

    Why i stopped????

    In @Anastasia AdCombo stats all leads were showing on hold. Since i am not willing to invest more until i see some $$$$ in my adcombo account. I asked my AM to arrange for approval of these holds. After 3-5 days of conversion i come to know these are not approved yet. I argued bit with my AM for the approval where she said since the hold period of this campaign is 30 days and i got my 1st lead on 6th of July so she can confirm me about leads status on 6th of August so i planned to wait and see what status will change in Adcombo stats on 6th for this 1st lead.

    There are many stats column in @Anastasia AdCombo so i tired to learn more about what they represent. I come to know following specifically for my campaign.

    Leads on Hold = Total in Hold (i have 11 here)
    Leads on Hold with initial Goal = Some one signed-up (i have 11 here)
    Leads on Hold with complete Goal = $10 deposit done but still hold (0 here)
    Leads on Hold with loyalty Goal = not applicable in my campaign

    This "Hold" section is pretty much understandable.

    Confirmed Leads = Total confirmed (1 here)
    Confirmed Leads with initial Goal = some one signed-up (1 here)
    Confirmed Leads with complete Goal = $10 deposit done but still hold ( 0 here)

    My Question

    Since 1 of my lead which completed 30 days on 6th of August has moved from "Lead on Hold with initial Goal" to "Confirmed Leads with initial Goal", how can i do optimization ?

    After 30 days i got confirmation that lead has only signed up??? because its moved from "Lead on Hold with initial Goal" to "Confirmed Leads with initial Goal".

    I am unable to understand what should i do for optimization since results will appear in "Confirmed" section after 30 days.

    Should i optimize based on "Leads on Hold with initial Goal" or "Leads on Hold with complete Goal" but these will move to "Confirmed" section only after 30 days.

    This "hold" and "confirmed" is confusing me a lot in making decision.

    My understanding

    Spend 3X of payout in a day and see if any leads are lying "Leads on Hold with complete Goal" (which mean payable goal is done) wait 30 days so it might move to

    Possible Opportunity:

    At the moment by increasing daily budget and white listing zoneid's i can generate more numbers in "Leads on Hold with initial Goal" but i am thinking what if after 30 days these will only move to Confirmed Leads with initial Goal which is not a payble goal.
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  3. awesomesauce

    awesomesauce Affiliate affiliate

    Simple. Optimize based on the leads you actually get paid for. If you don't get paid the leads are garbage. You need more than 1 lead to optimize. With such a high payout you probably need much more than $100 for traffic.
  4. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    Hold for what? I am assuming an *event completion*;
    generally a completed payment or some other event (action like initial deposit, subscription, etc) < completed action (a conversion) that is a payout event.

    Optimize how not to get leads that will not payout.
    Are you overselling in your funnel > saying something is free when it is not?
    Do people commonly pay with plastic (credit cards) in your mysterious GEO? Is there some problem with the movement of money here?

    is it the 'Wimpy Complex? [Popeye];)