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Need help. Gamer

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by donavin, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. donavin

    donavin Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys, I'm new to youtube and I'm a Gamer. I just need some help gaining subscribers and views. It's been very slow and I've put in hard work in my videos. Any ideas? My YouTube is ZemaLynx. Please help.
  2. terraleads
  3. seeqer

    seeqer Affiliate affiliate


    It is nice to see a gamer on youtube. I am dude who watch a lot of youtube videos about games.

    I only saw two and took a quick glance at it. You speak clearly and fast enough.

    Your problem is all about visibility and targetted content. For instance, I do not care about Call of Duty so I would never click on it. But if you played starcraft and explained strategies I would take a look. On the other hand if you were playing horror videogames or RPG games with a horror theme (like Bloodline the masquerade) I would watch it. The same goes for Talisman the digital edition.

    The trick is to put yourself in front of the audience that is interested in the kind of videos you are making.

    You need to have feedback from people. Try to get part of Facebook and Facebook groups. Get a blog online where you talk about tricks and strategies. When you speak about strategies in your videos, write them in a text in your description and talk about it with different words on your blog.

    You can try videos that are super popular on new games that you find interesting where you do a first impression. This way people will not expect to see a pro on a game and since the game is new, everyone will understand it. If you play games like Lords of Shadow 1 and 2, if you play the game and get ALL the secrets and ALL achievement and do AWESOME combat combos and show ALL that can be done (like mastering all chaos, all void or all whip) without cheating you will get fans for sure.

    Games they like to play and achieve themselves and find all secrets. They are a lot of playthrough but less about finding all secrets or getting the most of your character.

    Same for reviews. Reviews are popular. Before a I buy a game I always check the reviews. Ranting about games like the Thief Reboot from ubisoft where they removed all the lore of the original thief games is also another way to get an audience since people like to ear about negative oppinion. Of course Lords of Shadows 1 and 2 and thief the reboot are "old" news now.

    Try to look at game that people are hyped about it. Find a way to get a real legit copy and have fun. Post on Facebook, your blog about it.

    Those are ideas I am throwing out there.

    Look in the different section of this forum for Facebook. Become part of Facebook groups as well. Learn about blogging. You do not need long post, you just need to write content that matters to your audience and do not give a fuck about Google. Just write your stuff.

    Hopefully you will get better advices from pros here.
  4. seeqer

    seeqer Affiliate affiliate

    I will also add, if you make guides read what you write and make it a downloadable audio guide.
    You can also convert your written content into pdf. Something that is lacking for games like starcraft and any games where units or characters have stats, is a pdf file with all the stats with units side by side.

    Perhaps call of duty has different weapons with available stats. Make your own guides and ideas and opinions. If they are popular you can sell these at clickbank or amazon as well.
  5. Chillywilly1993

    Chillywilly1993 Affiliate affiliate

    Get on Google +, the gaming community has almost a million subscribers who are all very active. Joining communities is easy too, just click join and you can post in a matter of seconds. There will be a couple of people who will be interested in the game you are playing and will give it a watch. You could also make gifs of some of your funny or unusual gameplay and submit it there, or on Reddit. The gaming subreddit has a twitter account which automatically posts all approved content onto twitter, so its a great way to get some exposure.

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