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My Puppy SEO Business Model

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by iansully, May 17, 2015.

  1. iansully

    iansully Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    So ive been making a fortune from this very lucrative pet niche. Im going to drop some nuggets in here so don't ignore anything I write or you might be missing out on the biggest piece to the puzzle.

    I first started this business when I was getting started in online marketing. I started off with SEO and building niche sites. I learned the majority of my SEO from watching the screw95 course Jay wessman made. I built a website with the keyword cute********puppies.com with the ********=The dog breed I was promoting. This particular keyword had about 10k searches a month, with medium competition, but it only took me about a month to land on the first page of this keyword in google, mainly due to the fact it was my first time doing anything SEO related and trying to rank, so I was a noob and sent spammy backlinks that did utterly nothing to my site in the long run, and realized after spending about 50$ on these links, I got a little push, but then a few weeks later, there was an update in October and the site got slapped down to the 2nd and 3rd pages of these keywords I picked. So I started a pinterest, and a facebook page, I started a social media buzz by finding targeted facebook pages and following people that were related to my niche to get followers back, did the same with pinterest and got about 500 followers. I shared out pages from my website threw these social media networks and got tons of likes, shares, and free backlinks as I learned threw the screw95 course. After that I landed on the on the first page in the 2nd and 3rd positions til this day and ive been getting steady amounts of traffic from Google and Bing just by doing some SEO.

    Now that the SEO was completed and I was getting these targeted people sent to my site from Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest. How do we make money from this? Well you could add some products and sell stuff related to the dog, and maybe make a few bucks from that? But I decided to go down a different path, a much more profitable path that many marketers probably dont think about. Most marketers that follow everything they see and copy each other usually wont become true online marketers and make a decent full time income until they find their creative side.

    So what did I do different? Well I decided, since it was so easy to rank for this niche, and I could get so many targeted people related to this niche. Why not find a person that breeds this type of dog, and just send them leads of people that are looking to buy this type of dog. And I did just that. This particular dog is rare, yet theres tons of people looking for them trying to buy them. And I had a giant list of people wanting them. I found a breeder off google that had a website, but it was old and had almost zero traffic to it. It was a lady that owned a farm that bred all types of dogs and sold them simply by word of mouth. I called her up and said what if I could get you a flood of buyers for your animals. Now this dog sold for around 2-3k each depending of gender and color. So I told this breeder id send her customers from all over her state to buy her dogs if she gave me a 15% Commision on each dog sold. So I make about 300-450 each sale from this simple SEO optimized dog website! Its not that hard to do either I did it my first time when I was first started my online marketing career learning SEO! This one website brings me about 450$ each week. Depending on the time of year and the amount of puppies she has available to sale. She usually has more customers begging for puppies than she can produce which really can be scaled up, if she wants to make even more money. But she decides to stay small and operate it out of her small farm at home.

    This is only one website, I have many of these sites around the states and ive got contact with many breeders, so you can imagine my sales right now ;)

    I just wanted to create this thread to show how not everything has to be done with a cookie cutter technique to make money. Anyways have a great day yall!

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  2. terraleads
  3. eqx

    eqx Affiliate affiliate

    Love the spin on this ;) The angle is great too! Thinking outside the box is always a good idea.
  4. candi7

    candi7 Affiliate affiliate

    Wow! That's great! Congrats! Very interesting! Thanks!
  5. Gus0256

    Gus0256 Affiliate affiliate

    Nice work! I too fell down the spammy backlink trap a few years ago. Good to see you have turned it around and turned it into a profitable website! Building those social accounts is really worth it!

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