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My personal Guide - Checklist for Online Success

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Sage, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Sage

    Sage Affiliate affiliate

    Step 1: Identify Your Target Audience...

    · Identify what YOU Like vs. What customers are BUYING!!

    · What Subject Are You Interested In?

    · Will You Get Bored With This After Awhile?

    · Decide whether to sell either a Physical Or Digital Product? In today's fast paced world, digital products & affiiliate campaigns sell out FAST...

    Step 2: Market & Demographic Research...

    · Build A Customer Profile Or Avatar (online authority, facebook fan pages, etc...)

    · Identify what is your competition doing?

    · What needs do your customers need solved?

    Step 3: Key research questions...

    · Is It Monetizable?

    · Is There A Large Audience Already?

    · What Questions Are They Already Asking?

    · What Are They Already Looking For?

    · What Are They Already Buying?

    · Where Are They Already Buying Them?

    · Who Are They Already Buying From?

    · What Are They Already Paying (price point)?

    Step 4: Tasks to outsource opt-in page creation...

    · Web Designer

    · Graphic Designer

    · Fiverr.Com

    · For hosting, try...

    o Hostmonster.com

    o Liquidweb.com

    Step 5: One-Stop creation and hosting...

    · Leadpages.net

    Step 6: Opt-In Page Essentials...

    · Privacy Policy/Links

    · Strong copy

    · Simple Design

    · Free gift for opt-in

    Step 7: Use Email Lists

    · What Do I Get?

    · When Will I Get It?

    · How Will I Get It?

    Step 8: What to use on your web page opt-in page

    · Show-Stopping Headline (Dazzle them)

    · Answer Their 1 Burning Question your customer has!

    · Provide 1 Simple Solution, Not 5 or 6 (The Bait), keep it simple and to the point!

    · Offer More Value Than They Are Being Asked

    · Tell Them How To Get It (By Opting-In) - Call to Action!

    Step 9: Converts Leads Into Buyers

    · Makes them 10 Times More Likely To Buy Again

    · Offsets Your Costs

    · Improves Return On Investment (ROI)

    · Begins Your Sales Loop

    · Offers Additional Value To New Subscriber

    Step 10: Types Of Thank You Page Offers

    · Affiliate Sales Offers

    · Low-Cost Offers

    · Higher-Cost Offers

    · Product Launch Campaigns (you can also to solo-ads, where you buy other people email lists).

    · Webinars

    Step 11: Testing Your Lead Funnel

    · Start With Limited Traffic

    · Free Traffic (forums, Instagram, etc...)

    · Solo Ads

    · Articles

    · Social Media Traffic

    · Analyze Statistics

    · Optimize

    · Re-Test, & Again, & Again.... OVER AND OVER AGAIN and learn from your mistakes, fast.

    · Scale When It Feels Right (A/B Testing can help here too)

    Step 12: Scale Your Campaign

    · Buy More Traffic.. Carefully.. Slowly Increase

    · Optimize, Check Stats

    · Scale Up Traffic Again

    · Optimize, Check Stats

    · Repeat

    · Build A Relationship With Your List

    · Offer Value Offer

    · Value=Content/Good Will

    · Set Up Offers With Value, no JUNK!

    · Send only 1 email per day to your email list

    · “Theme” Your Weeks, keep customers/subscribers interested in GOOD CONTENT

    · Talk WITH Your Subscribers, Not AT Them

    · Listen To Uncover What They Want

    · Become Their Friend

    · Show Them The Emotional Benefits They’ll Get… and your customers “WILL BUY” from you!

    Did this guide help you learn more about using email lists for your online business?

    Reach out to me and let me know!

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  2. newbidder
  3. williamrichards007

    williamrichards007 Affiliate affiliate

    Good Information. Thanks for sharing Bro......
  4. samantham

    samantham Affiliate affiliate

    I noted into my desktop pad :)
  5. Sage

    Sage Affiliate affiliate

  6. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks a lot for the detailed skills on what need to be done to make sure that my online presence is on the check. I have always noted that there are always issues that we overlook especially when we want to convert the online presence it something that can generate revenue for us. Identification of where your passion is has been the point that jumped into my face. This is because doing something that i like will be easier and much better to handle online. It will give me less stress on the matter since I will not struggle looking for the ideas or getting to learn of what it takes.
  7. Bonniebusinessgal

    Bonniebusinessgal Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you Sage for a great step by step guide. I agree that we have to focus on what people are looking for and we are there to help solve their problems for the long time at the same time picking a niche that we enjoy working within! :D
  8. SadLarry

    SadLarry Affiliate affiliate

    That is one hell of a checklist. :)

    It would be awesome if you could explain each with minimal point. #Justsaying :)

    I enjoyed it reading. Thumbs up!
  9. Kuntal Kumar Ghosh

    Kuntal Kumar Ghosh Affiliate affiliate

  10. Judecd23

    Judecd23 Affiliate affiliate

  11. marcPIGurus

    marcPIGurus Affiliate affiliate

  12. Jigyaasu Sandeep

    Jigyaasu Sandeep Affiliate affiliate

    Sage ... Thanks for sharing. I am newbie and this is awesome for me . Now on my wall ..
  13. HelenVendo

    HelenVendo Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for such detailed information!
    It's just a full instruction to start.

    Offer More Value Than They Are Being Asked
    Identify what YOU Like vs. What customers are BUYING!!

    Great thoughts to remember:)

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