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My Noob Question...


New Member

I have a newbie question that's a little different than the norm.

What programs, sites, systems, etc do experienced affiliates use to manager their usernames and passwords for all the different types of affiliate merchant accounts.

For example... If I have 20 sites in various niches and throughout the years I'm promoting and linking to various products from different merchants, how can I keep track of all the sites as well as the username and passwords for each.

Linda Buquet

Hi Scole,

Love your site and slogan by the way!

Most affiliates just use an Excel spreadsheet or even word.

There are some programs specifically for organizing affiliate data.
One is affiliate organizer. Here's a review from Rosalind with a special price. 67

I saw a free program too, don't remember the name. I would just be REALLY careful with no name, unreviewed, free software to be sure there's no way it can "phone home" and give the developer all your passwords.


New Member
Thanks Linda. The slogan keeps me motivated to keep at it and reminds me why I spend so much time doing this.

I'm not sure if Excel would be the best choice for me. I have Excel home, but I need something that's mobile but secure. Maybe, I'll just use my host and just setup a password protected directory.

Thanks for the help Linda. Appreciated.


I love Affiliate Organizer. I use it daily and it keeps track of all my passwords and user ids. I have hundreds of them so this software has helped enormously. This program was written by someone in the affiliate business so he has geared it specifically for the affiliate publisher.

You can read a review of the product at my website using the main link in my signature below.