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My Newbie Journey to $200/day Profit by the End of the Year!

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by chanchogc, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. chanchogc

    chanchogc Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Everyone!

    Today I wanted to start this journey, my first one to affiliate and media buying to keep me motivated and hopefully to get some help as well. My goal is to make $200 profit by the end of December 2016, I think is achievable. For this I will be working mainly on mobile offers. Hense, I am not an expert and I have never done this before, so be prepare, I will be asking many dumb questions on my way to success.

    Ok here is the plan

    $1,500 – It is not much but I think is enough to start

    ZeroPark – I applied with servando’s cupon so I will deposit $500 and get another $500. I hope to get approved since this will rise my budget to $2,000 in total and I want to keep things simple with one traffic source.
    Propeller – I have $100 deposited on self manage account, I might use it to do further test.

    MaxBounty – I applied as well with them and hopefully I will get approved
    PeerFly – I already have an account
    CPAGrip – I already have an account
    CPALead – I already have an account
    and some others...

    Here I still have some doubts but I think I already know which one I will use. If you have any advice to start I will appreciate. I will also need all the help to start setting up camapigns

    Volumm – I believe is the best option but more expensive.
    Adbridge – I like what I see on the video tutorials so far and it is more affordable to start. (this is my first option). I can start on the free option until I get to know better the process.

    Hosting & Domains
    Well here is where I need most of the help. I am still a bit confuse between a VPS and this Semi-Dedicated Server. I have an offer on the second one that does not look bad but I do not know what to look to see if it is what I need.

    Semi – Dedicated Server
    4GB memory ram
    1 IP dedicated.
    CPU Usage 0 / 100 %
    Virtual Memory Usage 0 / 4096 MB
    Physical Memory Usage 0/ 4096 MB
    Entry Processes 0 / 200
    Number of Processes 0 / 200
    I/O Usage 0 / 50 MB/s
    Disk Solid Space Usage 50 GB
    Monthly Bandwidth Transfer / ∞ Unlimited
    LiteSpeed Webserver 4 CPU Cores
    Cost $25us/Month

    What do you think?
    About the domains, I need to know what kind of domains I need for the redirecting part. Any will work for it, so i can get cheap ones? If so how many do I need?

    Adplexity – Since I am saving some money with ZeroPark coupon from Servando (Hopping I get accepted) I decided to get some help to speed up the process of chossing the right offers that could work and be able to obtain some landers as well.

    My strategy – Remember I am a noob and never done this before

    To begin I will pick low payout offers, this way I can spend at least 10x-20x the offer payout before making decisions. Giving more chances to test more offers and find at least one winner. I will try to work with my manager to help me on this as well!

    I guess I will find out how to work the traffic part with Zeropark once I am accepted, I do not know if I can start runing on CPI instead or CPM. I also need to understand what type of offers work better with them.

    One of the main reasons I am thinking to get Adplexity it’s because I can grab landing pages. It can give me and idea of what others are using to convert plus i can change them for any test. So this is very importat for me.

    But maybe you think is not a good Idea to start with Adplexity, what do you think?

    Well I think I have everything I need to start. Any tips, help or thoughts on my plan it will be well appreciated.

    I hope everyone have a great day!
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  2. terraleads
  3. Anirudh

    Anirudh Affiliate affiliate

    This seems to be some real journey
    You'll succeed
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  4. comegetbravo

    comegetbravo Affiliate affiliate

    You can always do manual spying, won't set you back $200/mo. Opera mini emulator, Hide my ass Pro and Httrack will cost you under $10/mo.
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