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My New Internet Marketing Journey

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Sashoy, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Sashoy

    Sashoy Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hello Guys and Gals,
    I have an idea that I hope will bring me $50 per day. I am not a newbie in internet marketing nor I am an expert.
    My journey I plan to start somewhere on November 1st and my goal should be reached within one month. I have approximately 12 days to set things up till my official start.

    So, in these 12 days things to be completed:
    1) Join many affiliate networks - for promoting different offers in different geos
    2) Creating at least 3 new web sites as a landing pages for those offers
    a) one will be for incentive offers
    b) gambling and sports betting
    c) dating - maybe adult
    d) news web site - probably local
    3) to hire freelancers for web development and maintenance
    4) to hire freelancers for promoting my web sites through social networks

    I will start tomorrow, but because I am very busy I can not predict how often I will report you about my progress.

    In meantime, i have few blogger.com websites for testing purposes. I will create some adwords campaigns to test offer conversion.
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Rein Jo

    Rein Jo Affiliate affiliate

    Goodluck! I will be watching this thread.
  4. Mia.lasermedia

    Mia.lasermedia Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Good luck for you!
    And You can also check Laser Media for promoting.
  5. Johnnycus

    Johnnycus Affiliate affiliate

  6. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    Best of luck. Wanna see some green :)
  7. NattoSolution

    NattoSolution Affiliate affiliate

    Good luck for you! Man.
  8. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I always like the people who sit down and plan things that they want to achieve. I will tell you that when you do such a thing, the likelihood of you going astray with the plans is always very minimal. You can not be able to make it in this journey if you are not ready to make proper plans and milestones that are very achievable. I am looking forward to the time that you will be able to share the stories of the milestones you have achieved so far.
  9. Sashoy

    Sashoy Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Thanks for your support.
    So far I have created few blogger landing pages and wrote simple articles. Different blogs for different niche, total blogs are five.
    I have some experience in gambling promoting ( also have some aged social media accounts in that vertical) and the stats are pretty awesome so far. I have spent 15Euros for some advertising and my income so far is ~Euros 85. For tomorrow I will strengthen a little bit this vertical and I expect new 80 euros for tomorrow. In my experience highest rewards can occur during weekends in this vertical.

    I found also hair loss offer and another weight loss offer for Indian market. Started to promote them but very slowly. I use adwords currently and set my bid at $0.03 - receiving few clicks without conversion. However, I will wait to see how many clicks will I need for one conversion and then I will scale. I will use facebook ads also, but I am not sure if I will be allowed.
    Further, I will try free trial offers + shipping in this vertical. I have a traffic source that charge $0.01 per click.

    And finally, I found freelancer that will install GPT script for me, then i should just find affiliates that can and want to complete offers on a daily basis. Incentive marketing.
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  10. Circulation.Tube

    Circulation.Tube Affiliate affiliate

  11. Sashoy

    Sashoy Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I am still in testing phase. I made adwords campaign for health product (CPL) and also I set too low bid on keywords.
    The main purpose for low bid is just to test how many clicks do I need per one conversion (10, 20, 50 or maybe 100) and then to raise the bid that will give me half of profit. Because of low bid I have just few impressions daily and very few clicks. But that doesn`t bother me very much because I am spending small amount each day and I am also in testing phase. I am not planning to increase bid yet but I am including new keywords everyday (about 30), also I will include banner campaign soon (But it has to be managed constantly because if low bid the quality of sites where my ad will be placed is questionable).
  12. Sashoy

    Sashoy Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Today, I started with my spendings, I purchased new domains. Now I am looking to install some aff marketing add ons. I found great list of add ons and I will share them to you all.
  13. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    Competition are so great in 2016, do gambling offer still works?

    Anyway, good luck!
  14. Susan

    Susan Service Manager Service Manager Marketplace Seller affiliate

    Good luck Sashoy!