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My Journey to set a lead "Tac Tuc" method

is this going to work ?

  • Yes sure it's a complete tactic

  • Crazy thoughts , not reall

  • May be it will ,

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Hello guys this is my 1st thread here hope it'll not be the last
Iam writing this to inspire my self while working in a new method
Iam trying to share , some tactics and help my mind to find more :D

Off course you know FB lead Ads right ?
it gives me a high potential leads with my offline customers
as you can see here

this result the fully lead with
full name , mobile , Email
Cost me from 0.50 to 0.75$
and guess what this result is in the RealEstate Market :D :D
I need to use this magic results to gain from CPA & aff.offers
how come ?
I may link the lead ads to an autoresponder and automate him into subescriber
a subscriber cost you less than 1$
you can gain more for promoting offers to him
So How I can link mailchimp , getrespnse to lead Ads ?
there is a lot of new tools that do this
Connect leads
Iam testing this right now , need to encourage my self
not to give up into my little method
the whole process is :
FB lead Ads + Bridge = Subescriber with a welcome Email
the traffic didn't go through a landing page and didn't go out FB
from the Gurus here what is the obstacles in this method ?
I am going to continue after testing keep following

for group testing and sharing thoughts my skype :
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