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  1. A

    email marketing

    hello , I'm an email marketer and I'm looking for azure accounts with open port 25. anyone can help?
  2. henryluxyz

    Newbie need help

    This is Henry, We got media buying team and network traffic, we run CPA offers last year, now we would like to try out CPL offer, the problem is: what is leadid/video record tools, people said that tools is for verify false user, others sai that is for transfer data, and for legal data because...
  3. sinam10

    My Journey to set a lead "Tac Tuc" method

    Hello guys this is my 1st thread here hope it'll not be the last Iam writing this to inspire my self while working in a new method Iam trying to share , some tactics and help my mind to find more :D Off course you know FB lead Ads right ? it gives me a high potential leads with my offline...