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My first website

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by gregor100, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. gregor100

    gregor100 Affiliate affiliate

    Suppose you could call this a case study, i will update if there's anything worth mentioning

    I picked this niche because it was an easy choice really, extremely competitive and I understand now I probably should have gone elsewhere but i've come this far and I feel like I can learn a lot from this before I go into less competitive niches!

    Tablet On A Budget - Your #1 Source For Budget Tablets!

    Self explanatory!

    Trying to use basic SEO techniques, backlinks and promoting through youtube adverts Cheap Tablets - Cheap iPad, Google Nexus, Kindle Fire - Tablet On A Budget - YouTube

    Hopefully I should start seeing some traffic as I increase my backlinks!
  2. terraleads
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    All I can say is it's a damn lot better than my first 20 sites lol!

    Well done man, taking action this is great.....site looks good, you may want to add a opt in box somewhere for "Email me deals", then you can set up a nice email funnel.

    The content on the inner pages looks good just make sure it's highly optimised - I would then suggest following some of Jay's guides to get some nice back links.

    Maybe a blog would also help with fresh content?
  4. gregor100

    gregor100 Affiliate affiliate

    I've changed my niche now, realised how stupid I was being by making probably the single most common rookie mistake...

    I've picked a niche that gets lots of searches with well under 1 million competition and plenty of good products to sell through the amazon affiliate program.

    I want to post my site but i'm afraid someone more knowledgeable will take it and run with it before i've even made a penny!

    Really confident this time round.
  5. Serious

    Serious Affiliate affiliate

    Any updates on this?

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