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My first check with Click Bank was $97.00

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by HeyLanny, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. HeyLanny

    HeyLanny Affiliate affiliate

    I will throw my two cents in as I have learned the hard way and it has cost me hundreds of dollars before I started learning how to effectively market on the Internet. Affiliate marketing works and so does web site promotion. I really learned from Brads' honesty, along with his examples by written page, photos and videos that he produced which have been my best learning step and maybe yours.

    Chris Carpenters e-Book ?Google Cash? was a big help, but there was still something missing. I found that with Brad's software and his own honest example teaching, I knew where I was making my mistakes and started getting results. No doubt Brad did this to sell his software which is amazing and loaded with features that I never found anywhere else on the Internet.

    I printed out all his newsletters and marketing training and placed them in a binder for study so I could follow along. I also saved all his videos and refer back to them. He also adds a lot more additional info about how to use the software and the techniques that have made him hundreds of thousands a year that comes with the software. He is constantly updating it as he learns and adds new features.

    Here is what he offers;
    1) How to easily find profitable niches markets that sell.
    2) How to separate your keywords to target your market and not waste your money
    3) What to avoid and what to really look for to make money quickly
    4) How to spy on your competition. ?I loved this one when I first used it.?
    5) Find out what keywords the competition is using and what they are paying. ? Making it easier?
    6) Why peel and stick will increase your click through rate.
    7) How to target your market using cheaper keywords
    8) Auctual examples of how he has been selling different products. ? He shows the screen shots?
    9) How to create instant immediate web site traffic
    10) How to split test and explode your click through rate. ? Never knew this before?
    11) Where and how to find the hottest keywords that get results.
    12) His software will actually analyze your competition and tell you how they are doing it.
    13) He shows you links, web sites and other promotion techniques that works.
    14) Which keywords are making money and which ones not to use.

    If you can't make money from this software and Brad's simple clear directions then you can't make money on the Internet. He is through, complete and honest. I can sincerely say that click bank is now starting to send me checks instead of me sending them checks only. I must admit that it took me several days of study and learning, but my first check on click bank netted me $97.00. The next was $32.50 and the third $32.50.

    The peel and stick method comes in handy as well as the ease of finding profitable markets and keywords. This has been one of my best purchase decisions. Wishing you the very best.

    I think you will find his first couple of video's very helpful and interesting.
  2. newbidder
  3. quantumtiger

    quantumtiger Affiliate affiliate


    Well done!

    If you can do it once, then you can do it again...

    and again and again ...
  4. HeyLanny

    HeyLanny Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks quantumtiger. Being paid while learning.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I have been trying for about 4 years with little results.

    One of the mistakes I was making was grouping my key words instead of targeting. I will be posting what I learned about that from what I learned in Brad's training videos and using his software.

    I use to have to bounce all over the net researching but now I can do it all on my desktop. If you are going to make any money on the Internet. You have to find the people that want that specific product.

    In my next post I will tell how I learned to sell some bird houses from what I learned in Brad's software. Not just bird houses, but a special bird house. This is not one that flew over "The CooCoo Nest".:D
  5. AffiliateSeeking

    AffiliateSeeking Affiliate affiliate

    Well done earning $97 from Clickbank. All I can say is spend it wisely. lol
  6. HeyLanny

    HeyLanny Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks John238,

    I had promised to do a new posting with an e book (FREE) that has greatly helped me and I hope will help others with their Click Bank and PPC campaigns.

    PPC can be exciting and also dangerous . I remember about three years ago I was new to it and didn't set my limits on it before catching it up to over $100.00. You have to double check and be very careful when using it.

    The cost of keywords is soring and getting higher as the big boys play the bid war game by bidding on keywords at a very high price. That is why Niche marketing has to be the way to go with a lot of keyword and niche research before jumping in.

    Some keywords are going for up to $70.00 a click. Even a misspelled phrase like this "fsat in make money". Google asks an increase of $10.00 per click. If you can find the less used keywords and bid .90 cents on it and write a great ad where your CTR increases then your CPC will go down as Googles reward.

    However. PPC is not the only marketing channel to use. It is the quickest. You have eBay, free reports, e books, MSN, Yahoo, Amazon, newspapers, and viral marketing.

    Anyway I hope to get things caught up soon and do some additional postings. To respond to your recommendation. I am using it wisely by reinvesting it back into the business.:D

    PS The link is not any good anymore as the server I was using crashed. I don't think it was made in the USA. I will be changing that also.:p

    God Bless
  7. clementc82

    clementc82 New Member

    wow.. congrats Lanny! Continue to keep up the good work! Your testi and sharing do inspire others! :D

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